Remember Eastender's Pregnant Teen Demi Miller? You'll Won't Recognize Her Now

Remember Eastender’s Pregnant Teen Demi Miller? You’ll Won’t Recognize Her Now

Remember Eastender’s Pregnant Teen Demi Miller? You’ll Won’t Recognize Her Now

Back in 2004, a new family was introduced to the world of Eastenders. The Miller family moved into Albert Square and introduced Eastenders viewers to Keith, Rosie, Dawn, Mickey, and twins Darren and Demi Miller.

Demi Miller was played by Shana Swash, who was the real-life sister of Joe Swash, the actor who played Mickey Miller.


Demi was involved in a troubling storyline that shocked many viewers of the show. At age just 11, Demi Miller gave birth. It was a pre-teenage pregnancy story the show had never seen before, and it shocked viewers all across the country. The storyline was well acted by Shana, and she was praised for her approach to the tough story.

Demi’s life on the show only got worse when she, as well as her boyfriend and baby, got addicted to heroin. It was one of the most terrifying and dramatic drug related story lines Eastenders has ever done on the show.


Thankfully Demi was saved and moved to Cotswold with her mum and baby to start a new life.

These days Shana isn’t facing any scary storylines.

She’s 25-years-old and is reportedly working in a pub in London.


She carried on acting for a short while, appearing in the Scottish soap River City in 2008, and the play Proud in 2009.

Shana has returned to acting, playing Eve in My Feral Heart, a film about exploiting a boy with down syndrome.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years since the Miller’s were first introduced onto Albert Square. It certainly makes me feel old!


Shana appears to be very busy these days, as her Twitter account is filled with photos of her and her friends at parties and hanging out with her family.

She’s certainly grown up since 2004, and it’s hard to believe that little Demi Miller is now 25-years-old!