Remember Gilly Roach From Hollyoaks? He Has Transformed Since The Show

Remember Gilly Roach From Hollyoaks? He Has Transformed Since The Show

It has been five years since best buddies Rhys Ashworth and Gilly Roach left Hollyoaks following one of the most horrifying crash storylines in Hollyoaks history. But what have the pair been up to since then?

1. Gilly Roach: Played by Anthony Quinlan

Gilbert “Gilly” Roach first joined Hollyoaks on 4th October 2005 after his character was dreamed up by the executive producer of the show. Gilly was a bit f a push-over and was maybe a bit too nice for his own good.

He was a bit of a loser when it came to his love life after failed relationship attempts with  Jessica Harris, Beth Clement, Cheryl Brady and Jem Costello. In 2009 some changes were made to his character and a mutual agreement was rached with the producers of the show and Quinlan to shave off his iconic hair, which characterised Gilly during his early years.

In 2010 Gilly started seeing Steph Cunningham, but she was unfortunately killed off after the actress quit the show. This led Gilly into a bit of a spiral of depression and along with being accused at a later date by Jacqui McQueen of rape, Gilly never really found true happiness on the show.

Quinlan has also been nominated for minor awards for his portrayal. In 2011, it was announced that Quinlan would be leaving the serial to pursue other projects and would leave at the end of the rape storyline.

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