Remember 'Heartbeat'? Here's Where The Cast Members Are Today

Remember ‘Heartbeat’? Here’s Where The Cast Members Are Today

Remember ‘Heartbeat’? Here’s Where The Cast Members Are Today

Alright, so some of us really came to dread the Heartbeat theme tune every Sunday night – it was a signal that the weekend was officially drawing to a close and a new week was about to start. But despite this, the show has a soft spot in all of our hearts, deep down.

Now that it’s been six years since the ITV show ended, what are the former cast members up to today?

1. Nikki Sanderson (A.K.A. Dawn Bellamy)

Sanderson abandoned her role of Candice in Coronation Street to return to playing Dawn Bellamy in the last few years of Heartbeat. However, it’s probably her Corrie role that made her the most famous.


Since then, she’s appeared in the UK tour of the Vagina Monologues, and played a role in Hollyoaks – her performance for which won her Best actress nominations in 2014 and 2015.

2. Derek Fowlds (A.K.A. Sgt Oscar Blaketon)

As was an already established actor of Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister even before his time on Heartbeat.

Since his time on the show, Fowlds has had a role in Casualty, though he appears to be taking a break since his wife tragically passed away in 2012.


3. Tricia Penrose (A.K.A. Gina Ward)

Penrose owes most of her initial fame to her appearance on Heartbeat, and has since taken the spotlight even more.

She’s been on many a reality show since Heartbeat, including Celebrity MasterChef and the 2013 Celebrity Big Brother, which she got to the semi-finals of. More recently, daytime shows are more her style, with appearances in Who’s Doing the Dishes? and even getting her son Freddy involved on Big Star’s Little Star. Cute!

4. Bill Maynard (A.K.A. Clause Greengrass)

With his funny and roguish nature, character Claude made us chuckle quite  a bit on Heartbeat. Unfortunately, after suffering a stroke he had no choice but to quit early.

Now fully recovered, he currently hosts Radio Leicester – his own show, which he’s been doing for 5 years now. He also pays universities a visit so he can talk to students about his life and career.