Remember The Kid From Free Willy? He's All Grown Up Now

Remember The Kid From Free Willy? He’s All Grown Up Now

Remember The Kid From Free Willy? He’s All Grown Up Now

It’s been 23 years since Free Willy has come out, and a lot has changed since then.

It was the film that made us want to befriend a sea life animal and have it jump over us, even though it would smell really fishy.


The story line of the film was questionable throughout, but we still ate it up.


The film was about a troubled foster kid named Jesse, he found it hard to accept his foster parents, but manages to form a close bound with a killer whale who is thought to be troubled. The film focuses on their growing relationship between Jesse and Willy.

Have you seen the little kids who played Jesse recently? He’s grown up a lot since the film was released. Wanna see?


Jason James is now 36 years old, and he’s been kept busy with his budding acting career the past decade or so.

free willy kid now

He’s starred in the other two Free Willy movies throughout the 90s. He’s also starred in Life’s A Pitch, Ricochet River, and The Never Ending Story III.¬†Jason has come such a long way since then.

Jason recently got together with his one screen foster parents from Free Willy.

free willy

They’ve changed so much! But, it’s been 23 years so I suppose that will happen.