Remember Selina From Home And Away? Here Is What She Is Up To Nowadays

Remember Selina From Home And Away? Here Is What She Is Up To Nowadays


If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, chances are you will have at some point watched Home and Away. It was the other Aussie option when we were not glued to Neighbours and had some great characters and story lines.



But what have the cast been up to since then?

1. Tempany Deckert- Selina Cook


Selina wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed. She was was quite a ditzy character that would often find herself getting into trouble over some of the silliest things.


Tempany was on the show for four years despite being replaced by temporarily replaced by Louise Crawford in 1996.

Tempany now teaches writing courses at UCLA. She also works as a motivation speaker and has published an impressive 18 children’s books.


She is currently based in Los Angeles for most of the year for work, however, when she’s not busy sharpening young minds, she’s getting on with other creative projects. Tempany took some time earlier this year to appear in season 4 of FOXTEL’s prison drama Wentworth.

2. Dieter Brummer- Shane Parrish


Shane Parrish was the ultimate heartthrob. He was a reformed bad boy, who taught a group of kids that you could actually die from scratching yourself on old rust building supplies. Dieter Brummer was a teen heartthrob, like Tom Hiddleston and Justin Bieber is to teens these days.



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