Remember Sky Mangel and Boyd Hoyland From Neighbours? Here is What They Look Like Now

Remember Sky Mangel and Boyd Hoyland From Neighbours? Here is What They Look Like Now

Remember Sky Mangel and Boyd Hoyland From Neighbours? Here is What They Look Like Now

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s in England, chances are you used to watch Neighbours. The show was always full of drama, tragedy, love and every day goings on in Ramsay Street and it had us all totally hooked.

We thought it would be interesting to take a look back at some of the most iconic characters and see what they are up to these days.

1. Sky Mangel – Played by Stephanie McIntosh

Sky Mangel was played by actress Stephanie McIntosh from 2003-2007 and in that time she made a big impression on fans of the show.

She was cast in the role after she had completed a term of Year 12 when she was offered the part of Sky. She made the decision to leave school because the role was “just too good to refuse.”


For the role, McIntosh, who is a natural blonde, had to cut her hair short and dye it black and blue. “A couple of times I walked into a shop and people watched me, waiting to see if I was going to steal anything.”

She actually really didn’t like this and in an interview said “A couple of times I walked into a shop and people watched me, waiting to see if I was going to steal anything.”

Sky was the daughter of another iconic character Joe Mangel played by Mark Little.

Since leaving the show Stephanie has gone on to start a family and regularly shares pics to her Instagram account.

Here she is trying her hand at a bit of singing and she is a proud mother.

Looking radiant!

2.  Boyd – Kyal Marsh

Boyd Hoyland was a young guy on the show who found himself instantly attracted to the slightly weird Sky Mangel when she turned up in Erinsborough to stay with her grandfather, Harold. They both made an interesting couple and fans enjoyed the ups and downs of their relationship.


Boyd was played by an Aussie actor named Kyal Marsh and since the show he has been very active.

Now aged 28, Marsh has moved to the United Kingdom. And in September 2007 he appeared in the Sky One reality show Cirque de Celebrite. 


Marsh won the series final on 9 December 2007. According to his contestant biography for the show, Marsh’s love of extreme sports fuelled his willingness to participate in the competition, including his ability in gymnastics, which he took briefly when he was younger.

I think you will agree that he is looking pretty good these days.

3. Anne Wilkinson – Brooke Satchwell

For most of her time in the show, Anne dated Billy Kennedy. They went through their ups and downs on the show but in the end they both left Ramsay Street to start a family together.

As well as being an actress, Brooke Satchwell has done some modelling for Pantene as well as being an environmental spokesperson. Brooke has also appeared in TV series since Neighbours, including Black Comedy in 2014 and the ongoing Dirty Laundry Live.

4. Libby Kennedy – Kym Valentine 

Libby Kennedy, formally Kennedy- Fitzgerald was the daughter of Karl and Susan Kennedy, who were introduced to the show back in 1994. The producers decided to introduce a ‘solid’ family to bring the show back to where it started, and attempt to make the show more wholesome and less full of misfits and distant relatives.

Libby was involved in many story lines through her run on the show. She was involved in a motorbike accident, the loss of her husband (Drew), and the birth of her son (Ben).  Libby also married Daniel Fitzgerald, and later separated from him.

Kym Valentine is now 39 years old, and has a daughter with her ex husband Vince Colosimo, and a son with her current fiance Trent Croad.

She’s also been involved in theatre productions, and TV, but plans on returning to Neigbours for the 20 year anniversary of the Kennedy family.

5. Drew Kirk – Dan Paris

Drew Kirk first appeared on Neighbours back in 1998, and he soon found work as a mechanic in the local garage. Drew was loyal, nice, but also rather naive. Drew soon started dating Libby, and eventually got married on the show, as well as starting their own family together.

The couple had a child together, Ben. Unfortunately their happy little family wouldn’t last long as Drew was killed off in 2002. He died after falling off his horse while riding with Libby.

Since his departure from Neighbours Dan has still found work performing on TV, and in a rather strange Neighbour’s spin off, Neighbours vs Zombies. in 2014.

Dan has also managed to cross over his acting into present a number of TV shows and history documentaries.

6. Annalise – Kimberley Davies

Back in 1993, Annalise from Neighbours was branded as a ‘man magnet’ and ‘blonde bombshell’. As soon as she stepped foot on Ramsey Street everyone knew Annalise Hartman would cause nothing but trouble and heartbreak.

To this day, Annalise is still Kimberly Davies’s biggest role to date. The story lines Kimberly got to work with were famous for being dramatic and shocking. Annalise survived a plane crash, she was involved in a cancer scare, and she was even jilted at the alter. Talk about drama!


Annalise had many relationships during her time on the show. However, her most famous one is her romance with her landlord, Lou Carpenter.

Annalise dropped out of school and soon got involved with Mark Gottlieb, Lassiter’s head chef. Rather quickly after Annalise’s mid-flight disaster, Mark popped the question.


Unfortunately, when the big day came, Mark dramatically stopped the wedding. Announcing that he couldn’t marry Annalise because he wanted to become a priest.

Her initial exit from the show came after Annalise’s public relations company was conned out of money.

Soon after leaving the show Kimberly hosted the TV series Just Kidding! before moving to the US to star in Pacific Palisades.

Since playing the infamous blond bombshell, she’s made a number of guest appearances on many shows. Kimberly’s appeared in shows like Alley McBeal, Early Edition, and The Next Best Thing.


Kimberly’s also become a reality TV personality, after taking part in I’m a Celeb (quitting after 11 days), as well as Celebrity Circus. You may also remember her on ITV’s Dancing On Ice, but she left the show 11 days in due to a shoulder injury.

Kimberly looks as gorgeous as ever, and still holds the title of ‘blond bombshell’.


She returned to Ramsey Street to celebrate the shows 20th anniversary.

Kimberly is happily married to a former model turned doctor, Jason Harvey, and the pair has three children together.