After Removal From The House, Ray J Threatens To Sue If He Isn't Allowed Back In

After Removal From The House, Ray J Threatens To Sue If He Isn’t Allowed Back In

In case you missed last night’s Celebrity Big Brother, Ray-J has been removed from the house. Not because of an eviction or a public vote, but because he needed medical attention.

Reports are unclear as to whether Ray-J quit the show in order to seek out medical care, or if he was removed from the house by producers. But here’s the scoop:


According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian’s former lover was taken from the house last night in order to attend an emergency dental appointment after experiencing a painful toothache. Ray-J says his fellow contestants had his back and wanted him to be able to get medical attention.

“I have a bad tooth problem and I’ve been doing this show Big Brother for about seven and a half days. I’ve had this pain for three and a half days. It got to the point where some of the people in the house thought I was being ignored. We took petitions to say, ‘hey, we’re not doing any more tasks until Ray J’s tooth gets fixed.'”



Fair enough. Apparently, after a few days, Ray-J was allowed to see a dentist and was given painkillers.

“I’ve got a cracked tooth where I need a filling fixed, I got a gum coming over my tooth and I’m in a lot of pain – so three-and-a-half days in the house with all of this pain, they decided to take me out.”

But according to him, they weren’t much help. He was later rushed to hospital and later blacked out from the pain on the way there!


“The wind hit my tooth and I blacked out and ended up in the hospital. They give some nutrition and I eat some McDonald’s and I’m cool. I’m literally fine. I’m ready to go back in the house but they won’t let me back in. I’m really hurt by it because I feel like I was doing well.”


While it’s unclear whether or not Ray-J will lose out on the almost $1 million he was set to make from appearing as a contestant, he has said he would consider taking legal action…

“I’d never like to do that because I’m a producer as well and I like to be on the same page with everybody. But this is just not fair and if I have to take those precautions, I will.”

Channel 4

“I don’t even care about my tooth, put me back in the house and let me work. This isn’t right. It’s wrong bro, it’s wrong. I’m going to drive myself to the dentist and get my tooth fixed and then pull back up to the house and try to get back in.”

While we’re due to get a further explanation from Big Brother on tonight’s episode, you can see the contestant’s reactions to Ray-J’s removal here: