Rita Ora's Photo's With Conor McGregor Causes Controversy

Rita Ora’s Photo’s With Conor McGregor Causes Controversy

Rita Ora’s Photo’s With Conor McGregor Causes Controversy

Many people online were shocked and appaled last night as Rita Ora posted pictures of herself with Conor McGregor at the British Fashion Awards.

Rita Ora (born Rita Sahatçiu) is a British singer and actress, best known for her songs “R.I.P” and “Hot Right Now”. You might have also seen her working as a coach on The Voice UK, or in the film adaption of the best-selling novel Fifty Shades Of Grey.  She’s also a judge for America’s Next Top Model, having taken over from Tyra Banks.

Conor McGregor (Also known as Conchúr Antóin Mac Gréagóir in Irish) is a professional mixed martial artist and professional boxer from Ireland. Over the years he’s moved into mixed martial arts from a featherweight, to a lightweight and as a welterweight. He’s well known as the biggest pay per view draw in mixed martial arts history, and his headline fight at UFC 202 with Nate Diaz had the most views ever for a mixed martial arts pay per view event. 

Many people feel that Rita Ora’s caption of “Date Night” is disrespectful to Conor McGregor’s partner Dee Devlin. The pair has been together for more than eight years now, and have a child together, Conor Jack McGregor.

Source: Hollywood Life

She’s considered Conor McGregor’s biggest fan, and even quit her job so she could travel with and support him. McGregor then hired her as an official team member and placed her in charge of his finances. The pair even trains together, and McGregor has insisted that he owes his entire career to her help. In an interview with the Irish mirror he said:

“My girlfriend worked very hard throughout the years and stuck by me when I had essentially nothing. or me to be able to take her out of work, give her everything she’s ever wanted and to travel the world with, fills me with pride.”

Responses on Twitter have included  “Where is the girl code! Even if this is innocent it’s so disrespectful” “The picture is fine but the caption is out of order. Date night? Come on, the man is married” and “Oi mate, you’ve got a woman at home who’s stuck by you from day one, gave you a kid and devotes her life to your sport. Stop messing around.”

Given that Rita Ora also posted a picture of herself with Donatella Versace with the caption “Last night with my real date” it seems likely she was just joking, and there’s nothing romantic or sexual going on between her and Conor.