Simon Cowell Has Paid £175,000 For BGT Contestant's Life Saving Surgery

Simon Cowell Has Paid £175,000 For BGT Contestant’s Life Saving Surgery

Simon Cowell Has Paid £175,000 For BGT Contestant’s Life Saving Surgery

If you watched Britains Got Talent this year, you will remember the Mersey Girls. As well as being super talented, one of the dancers named Julia Carlile had a story that touched everyone.

Julia suffers from a curvature of the spine known as scoliosis. During her time on the show we found out that going on BGT was her last chance at stardom before she had to have an operation to see if it can be fixed. Without the operation, she may never have danced again. If the girls won the prize of £250,000 ($327,500), they would put it towards helping to  pay for the surgery.  We were all so sad when they came in ninth place.

News has today started to spread that Simon Cowell has however paid for the surgery out of his own pocket. Julia has told the Liverpool Echo: “Simon came and spoke to us back stage. Just walking off stage and he said he was paying for it and I couldn’t believe it.


“I’m beyond happy and it means we can carry on dancing together for the rest of our lives. He didn’t have to do it and he has changed my life. There are no words to thank him for how grateful we are. It’s just unbelievable.”

Her mum Kate also told the newspaper: “It’s the first time Julia has had any kind of hope about being able to dance in the future.

“We are in a very privileged position because of Simon.”


The group Tweeted a few days ago following a rehearsal saying that Julia is off to the USA.

According to reports, the surgery is going to cost a whopping £175,000 ($229,000). She was offered a slightly different procedure on the NHS, but that procedure involved fusing the spine with metal rods to correct the curvature. She would have been left with little flexibility and would no longer be able to dance.

At the time, Simon did hint he would pay but we never knew if he would make good on the offer: “You know when we met, when we did the auditions…I was thinking, I think there’s a reason why you came on this year, because I promise you this: whatever happens, we’ll make sure you’re in a great place.

“I promise you.”

Well it looks like he really does have a heart of gold after all. Well done Simon.