Simon, Louis, And Dermot Come Together To Reveal Some Very Exciting X Factor News

Simon, Louis, And Dermot Come Together To Reveal Some Very Exciting X Factor News

Simon, Louis, and Dermot have some very exciting X Factor news! The three have just signed contracts for another two years of the X Factor! Which means the talent competition will defiantly be on the air until the end of 2018.

While the boys have signed their contracts for the next two series of the X Factor, it’s unclear whether the girls will be joining them as now news about their new contracts have surfaced.


It’s lead to fans of the show screaming ‘what about the girls?!’


According to a source close to the show, Sharon is ‘90% certain to rejoin if she can meet her US commitments’. Unfortunately for Nicole fans, the singer and X Factor judge is holding out in hopes of ‘relaunching her solo career’.



Luckily for Rylan Clarke and Matt Edmondson, the pair have also resigned their contracts to continue being the hosts of the Xtra Factor, despite not viewing the job as a host as a ‘gig for life.’ So we may not be seeing much of this Xtra Factor pair after their new contracts have ended.

Dermot is currently juggling his presenting career with a new found career in writing. The 43-year-old is reportedly halfway through writing a box dedicated to his niece. How sweet is that?!


That means we won’t be seeing much of Dermot early on next year, as he will be focusing on writing his novel. The book is rumored to become a series after publishers¬†demanded more material. He’s uncertain if it will be anything like David Williams’ children books as ‘I don’t read kids books’ but he’s very excited about this latest string to his bow. ‘This idea just came to me, I pitched it and we got away with it. They liked it.’

What do you think about the possibility of losing Sharon and Nicole on the next series of X Factor? Let us know!