Woman Who Lost Six Stone Shares Her Simple Weight Loss Trick

Woman Who Lost Six Stone Shares Her Simple Weight Loss Trick

Woman Who Lost Six Stone Shares Her Simple Weight Loss Trick

With January rolling on fast, we’re starting to wear down from our ‘get fit’ resolutions as our bodies ache from the gym and the withdrawal from chocolate kicks in.

Luckily, there’s still hope for your summer body this year as Charlotte Mears shares her weight loss secret.

Charlotte, now 27, had always been naturally slim and hitting the gym, but found that as she hit her early 20’s she swapped out the exercise for meals with friends.

“I loved going out for Chinese. My favourite was crispy chilli beef or satay chicken.

“I’d be out for dinner twice a week, then cooking unhealthily, too. I wasn’t exercising and just eating more and more.”

As she hit 24 she noticed she’d grown to a size 18, weighing in at 14st 12Ib at 5ft6in. That meant that her Body Mass Index totaled up to 33.5, which the NHS class as obese. (Healthy is said to be around 18.5 to 24.9)

Charlotte commented that this new weight gain left her feeling “sluggish and uncomfortable”, and she couldn’t put up with it anymore.

She vowed to make a change, and with a simple trick, she’s now a size 8 and weighs 9st 1Ib.

She said: “I was tired of feeling unhealthy, so I looked up other weight loss stories on Instagram and felt really inspired.

“I know people say you should be happy whatever size you are, but I wasn’t.

“Now, I feel much better. I’ve got much more energy, and feel like I can always be on the go.”

But I know what you’re all wondering – ‘how did she do it?’

Charlotte joined Slimming World and instead of socializing through a nice meal, her and her friends would go out for five or six mile walks each week.

She swapped out all the fatty foods in her diet for fresh ingredients, for example porridge and fruit for a nice nutritional breakfast, chicken and veggies for lunch and a home-cooked chilli con carne for dinner. Sounds pretty good to me!

But there’s another essential part to her weight loss journey: water.

“I drink about five litres of water a day, too, and snack on lots of fruits or smoothies.”

She works out five nights a week, upping her exercise routine to 15 minuets of fast-paced sprinting on the treadmill, and then 10-20 minuets strengthening on the stair climber machine and lifting weights.

She’s shared her key advice, and we’re inspired:

“Just take it day by day, meal by meal, and if you slip up, don’t punish yourself too hard – just try and get back on track.

It’s best to start out with something sustainable, and sociable. I did it by walking with my friends as I knew that was something I could realistically keep up.”

Safe to say that she looks fantastic and made it seem easy!