Smarter People Take Longer To Pass Their Driving Test?

Smarter People Take Longer To Pass Their Driving Test?

Smarter People Take Longer To Pass Their Driving Test?

In the UK, as soon as we turn 17 it’s a competitive race to see who can pass their theory first time.

Not only that, but then it turns to the actual test – at such a young age, we can’t afford months of driving lessons! We want it over as soon as we can, ready for that taste of independence and freedom.

If you have a car, that is. The first friend out of the group turns into designated chauffeur for everybody else, and we all remember how downright weird it was to have your best pal in the drivers seat. You’ve never checked whether your seat belt is on so much in your life.

But if you were that one friend who just couldn’t seem to hack it, don’t stress too much – we have the perfect explanation!

Privilege DriveXpert started a new study to find a fault-proof scientific excuse for when people ask why you still haven’t passed.

They surveyed 1,564 people with British driving licence, and found out that ‘clever’ people are more likely to take longer passing their driving test – so obviously, that must be why it’s taken you so long, right? Because you’re a genius.

Apparently 59% of drivers with no qualifications pass on the first attempt.

Your friends can’t question your new logic if you whip out those statistics, right?

We got you.

But in all seriousness, people learn and react to different situations differently – you could drive flawlessly, but become so nervous in your actual test that you suddenly become a horrendous driver.

So while it probably doesn’t really have anything to do with intelligence levels, it’s always good to have a come-back when people are taking the mick out of you!!