Someone Has Discovered The REAL Reason Kevin Was Left Home Alone

Someone Has Discovered The REAL Reason Kevin Was Left Home Alone

Someone Has Discovered The REAL Reason Kevin Was Left Home Alone

Home Alone is a massively important film for many of us, and as Christmas draws closer it’s one of the films that most gets us in the mood for the festive season. Indeed, only recently you yourselves voted it the 5th greatest Christmas film of all time.

We’ve taken it for granted for many years that Kevin got left home alone simply because his family were in such a rush to make their flight to Paris. Recently however, an eagle eyed Reddit user going by the name ‘bobcobble’ has discovered something rather disturbing that suggests that other sinister forces may have been at play…

The aforementioned Reddit user posted a clip from the film online which specifically zooms in on a key piece of evidence, and believe it or not it shows Kevin’s dad Peter throwing his plane ticket into the bin. This comes during the scene when he’s disposing of some wet napkins after cleaning up Kevin’s spilt milk.

Whilst watching the film there’s no chance you would notice that the pile of napkins contained anything other than rubbish. It’s only when zooming in on the waste bin that Kevin’s American Airlines plane ticket is clear to see. It even has his name clearly written on it.

Does this suggest that Kevin’s father had sinister intentions, or was it an accident? Understandably, fans of the film have been coming forward to offer their opinion on the matter…

User ‘AleAssociate’ suggested that ‘the whole trip was cover for Peter’s plan to throw Frank off the Eiffel Tower and make it look like an accident’, whilst ‘boodleoodle’ posted ‘What if Peter hated Kevin just as much as Frank did, only he was better at hiding it?’

User ‘moak0’ agreed, saying ‘let’s dispel with this fiction that Mr. McCallister doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing’. But ‘mcdonlorama’ offered a more practical opinion by suggesting that ‘you’d think a guy who can afford to fly out his entire extended family to Paris on Christmas would be a little more organized with the ticket situation.’

What is your opinion on this new sinister evidence? Does it shed new light on the plot of the film or was it just a complete accident on the part of Kevin’s dad? And more importantly, how many times have you watched Home Alone, and when are you planning to watch it again this Christmas?