Someone Edited Together Every Classic Movie High Five & It's Perfect

Someone Edited Together Every Classic Movie High Five & It’s Perfect

Someone Edited Together Every Classic Movie High Five & It’s Perfect

Whether you feel the need, the need for speed or you just made a new best friend, a high five is obviously the perfect way to celebrate. It really is its own body language. It has such a distinct meaning it really could be categorized as sign language if you think about it.

Let’s talk high fives for a second. Why do you give someone a high five? Coaches give their players high fives when they perform well, to celebrate a victory or when they are trying to encourage the team and its members. Friends give each other high fives when they are proud, impressed or excited. Parents also give high fives when they are proud of their kids. We high five people over jokes, exciting plans and to let them know how freaking awesome they are to us. It’s a “good luck” gesture as well as “you’re the coolest” gesture.  Tell me that doesn’t warrant a sign language label?

Whether it’s followed by a “cowabunga” or a “hell yeah” you never question what a high five means. It automatically sends excitement into the air. We all need to give more high fives. Think of how happy the world would be every day if each person got a “cowabunga!!!” high five to start their morning off with? I know it would put a smile on my face.

In this video, someone has put together all of the awesome high fives from each of our favorite movies. Be prepared to feel pumped ladies and gentlemen. I almost want to send this video to college sports teams to use as their prep talk before games. It just goes to show how universal high fives are and why everyone needs one in their life. Enjoy the video and give someone a high five today!