Stephanie Davis “To Enter Big Brother House with NEWBORN Baby”?

Stephanie Davis “To Enter Big Brother House with NEWBORN Baby”?

News is starting to spread that Steh Davis has been asked to join the CBB house with her new born baby!

The bosses of the show are doing what they can to pull off a show first by getting a newborn child into the house.

Stephanie Davis (a previous contestant of the show), has been asked toย enter Channel 5โ€™s Gold Stars V All Stars series for three days in January.

The ex-Hollyoaks actress is due to give birth early January after falling pregnant to the firy Irish model Jeremy McConnell in the CBB house in January 2016.

Following that her pregnancy has been all over the news and social media as people tried to guess whether or not she was actually telling the truth.

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Jeremy denied that the baby is his, and has thus far refused to take a paternity test. All that has been left a bit up in the air.

A source has said that the producers believe it would be fitting for Steph and her tot to make a return after meeting her baby daddy on the show.

The insider said: โ€œBig Brother producers have asked Steph to go on the series in January for three days with her baby.

โ€œThey think it would make a great story as, if the baby definitely is Jeremyโ€™s, then it is all a result of their appearance on CBB last year.

โ€œSteph has told them she would love to do it but discussions are ongoing.

โ€œIt is just a matter of working out logistics and whether they can make it work.โ€

Watch this space.