Stephen King’s It Breaks Box Office Records

Stephen King’s It Breaks Box Office Records

Stephen King’s It Breaks Box Office Records

How many of you have been to the cinema to see It? To see what, you may say? It, the one about the scary clown for goodness sake!

Despite only being released on Friday, It has been hailed as a success, already breaking two box office records. In addition to this a sequel has already been lined up, which is no surprise when you find out that the film covers only part of Stephen King’s 1986 horror classic, being titled on the cinema screen as ‘IT: Chapter One’.

It has has already taken £136 million across the world in its opening weekend, and bear in mind that it hasn’t yet been released in many countries. The film has particularly been a massive success in the US, opening to a gigantic $117.2 million (about £89 million UK pounds), which is the the biggest September opening in the US of all time. It has also broken the record for the biggest ever opening for a horror film, and would have also taken the record for the biggest opening for an R-rated movie if it wasn’t for Deadpool, which took a whopping $132.7 million in its opening weekend.

It is directed by Andy Muschietti with a screenplay by Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga and Gary Dauberman. The film tells the story of seven children in who are terrorized by Pennywise the clown (played by 27 year old Bill Skarsgård), and have to face their own personal demons in the process. The production cost of the film was a fairly modest $35 million, and as mentioned above it is expected that work on an already planned follow-up will begin soon.

As was also mentioned above, the film is based on a 1986 horror novel by American author Stephen King. It was King’s 22nd book, but only the 18th novel written under his own name. The novel won the British Fantasy Award in 1987 and received nominations for the Locus and World Fantasy Awards the same year. Publishers Weekly lists It as the best-selling book in the US in 1986.

The novel was previously adapted into a 1990 miniseries, directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and adapted by Lawrence D. Cohen from King’s novel. Although it’s not all great, there’s no doubting how fantastic and menacing Tim Curry’s performance as Pennywise is, giving many of us Children of the 1980’s nightmares, and some even a life-long fear of clowns!

If you’ve seen the new film, please comment to let us know (without spoilers) what you thought. Did you like it more or less than the 1990 miniseries? And are you looking forward to a follow-up?