‘Why Is She Still Here?’ Some Of The Most Hilarious One-Night-Stand Selfies Ever!

‘Why Is She Still Here?’ Some Of The Most Hilarious One-Night-Stand Selfies Ever!


Snapchat is an amazing thing. You’re able to take pictures that will disappear after being viewed¬†unless they’ve been screenshotted. You can also send messages, videos, and photos from anywhere in the world. You just need wifi. It’s pretty amazing!


Now imagine you’ve woken up from a night out on the town. You had a bit too much to drink, and you’re heads pounding. Now, imagine there’s some else in your bed. A one night stand. What would you do?

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but getting your phone out and taking photos for Snapchat seems like the perfect thing to do! Oh wait, no it doesn’t.

Unfortunately for these people, taking a Snapchat of this awkward encounter seemed like the perfect thing to do in that moment.

Here are just a few of the best one-night stand selfie photos ever taken on Snapchat.


That poor girl. It looks like she’s being crushed to death by that unknown man!




Waking up to someone you don’t know is one thing… But someone who grunts and snores in this sleep! Unacceptable!



Maybe you should ask their name instead of asking a camera. It seems like the polite thing to do.



Aww please him, he’s even looking into the camera and smiling.



Damn, she looks like she had a good time last night.




Then maybe check her breathing? I don’t know, kids today!