Subway Are Giving Out Free Six Inch Subs On Valentine's Day

Subway Are Giving Out Free Six Inch Subs On Valentine’s Day

Subway Are Giving Out Free Six Inch Subs On Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing better than a six inch sub stuffed with all your favourite fillings when you’re hungry. This Valentine’s Day, Subway are giving out free six inch subs for all after the same offer had a huge success last year. Whether you’re favourite is an Italian BMT or even a big beef melt, this Valentine’s Day it won’t cost you a penny.

Subway are renaming Valentine’s Day as Customer Appreciation Day.

However, the only way you can receive a free six inch sub is you have to buy a whole other sub before you can get a free one, where as last year to claim the free sub all you had to do was buy a drink. They’ve got you grabbed by the balls this year!

Although, having to buy another sub to claim the free one you can eat with your other half for half the price.

As for the single ones, it may sound bad news but it could be the day you ask your crush out for a bite to eat or even asking Barbara from admin if she wants treating. If that doesn’t work then the best thing would be to grab a foot long for yourself, why not eh? After all it is Valentine’s Day and put yourself first.

There’s a lot of choices on offer for you to sink your teeth into, whether it’d be a Chicken Teriyaki,  Italian BMT, Big Beef Melt or even the veggie alternative.

How can I claim a free six inch sub? To get involved, all you have to do is purchase a six inch sub and you’ll get another for free. Head into your nearest Subway store between 11am and 7pm to claim the offer.

If you live in Ireland and you’re a lucky charm, then the freebie will be available all day long. What does that mean? It means you can have a foot long for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Smashing!

Anyone who visits the store on Valentine’s Day will receive a voucher to buy a six inch Mega Melt Breakfast Sub at a reduced price of £1.50, as well as a free upgrade to a foot long when any six inch sub is purchased.

This voucher will be redeemable for two separate offers between 15th February and 15th March 2018, which means you’ve got plenty of time to grab a bargain.

It’s not only Subway that are doing a bargain this Valentine’s Day, McDonald’s are hosting a three course meal for two for just £20 and Poundland are doing a three course meal deal for £5.

Gregg’s are giving customers the opportunity to dine in on a four course meal at one of their restaurants for just £15 or for £20, you can get a three course meal for two, including two drinks at Wetherspoons.

Supermarkets are also doing Valentine deals, where you can pick up a meal for two with a bottle of bubbly for next to nothing!

@Ted_Main is a singleton entering Subway by himself on Valentine’s Day by the looks of things. Good on you Ted! #ManPower