Teen Who Finds A Message In A Bottle Is Disappointed By Note From A Pair Of "Druggies"

Teen Who Finds A Message In A Bottle Is Disappointed By Note From A Pair Of “Druggies”

Teen Who Finds A Message In A Bottle Is Disappointed By Note From A Pair Of “Druggies”

It’s every kids dream to discover a message in a bottle – so imagine the excitement of then 13 year old Robbie Chappell when he stumbled upon a secret hidden note while walking with his mother Catherine Smith.

They had taken their dog for a walk on the beach in Hayling Island, Hampshire, when Robbie found the bottle and immediately hurried home to see what was inside.

With his mind buzzing with the possibilities and filled with images of desert island castaways and scraggly pirates, Robbie smashed the bottle open to reveal the note.

However, there was much disappointment when he discovered that the note had been scrawled by ‘Dan and Dan’ while the two fellas were high after a cocaine fuelled session only the day before.

The video, which was recorded by Robbie’s stepfather, shows the young teen breaking open the 500ml Heineken bottle with the hopes of finding something more exciting.

In the clip, Robbie pulls out the soggy note and unfolds it before his stepdad reads aloud the message:

“Dan and Dan was here 1/10/16 12.19pm

“Out our nuts on cocaine! Massive love for the sesh!

“Lots of love sesh gremlims aka Hud & Suv.”

Deflated by what is seemingly the world’s most discouraging message in a bottle finding, Robbie simply and sarcastically replies: “Oh, beautiful.”

The boy’s stepfather, Robert, adds: “No pirates, then. Just druggies.”

Source: Mercury Press and Media

Meanwhile, Ms Smith had this to say about it all:

“It’s got to be the world’s worst message in a bottle effort. We thought it might be something exciting from France from years ago, but actually it was from a couple of druggies the day before.     

“Robbie saw the Heineken bottle and shouted to me that there was a message inside. I said not to break it on the shore as we’d just create more mess.

“I carried it all the way home in my coat pocket and we got quite excited thinking about what was inside.

“We had all these exotic ideas of what it might be and Robert thought it would be a good idea to film the grand opening. It could have been anything.”

The family stated that they felt “a bit underwhelmed” when the message was revealed, but thankfully they were able to at least appreciate the funny side of the situation, according to Ms Smith.

Source: Mercury Press and Media

With all the disappointment aside, the exact origins of this message in a bottle still remain a mystery.

“It’s probably not travelled very far at all given that we found it after one day,” said Ms Smith. She added:

“It’s quite dark down there and we’ve had some nice evenings so I can imagine there’s the odd beach party at night and maybe it’s a leftover from one of those.”

 “Portsmouth is just across the channel and then in the other direction there’s France. I wouldn’t really know how many cocaine users there are around here.”

It’s been just over a year since this flop of a discovery, but it’s still amusing us today.

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