Teen Goes To Bed "Fit & Healthy" But Wakes Up With "Deadly Bacteria" And Dies Within Hours!

Teen Goes To Bed “Fit & Healthy” But Wakes Up With “Deadly Bacteria” And Dies Within Hours!

Teen Goes To Bed “Fit & Healthy” But Wakes Up With “Deadly Bacteria” And Dies Within Hours!

Adam Tolfree was up-to-date on his vaccines, he went to bed a healthy teenager but woke up with deadly bacteria attacking him.

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Adam went to bed apparently fit and healthy but woke up to a deadly bacteria that killed him in a matter of hours.The 16-year-old from Bassingbourn woke up being sick and with a high temperature. He was rushed to the hospital when a rash and high temperature presented themselves.

However, despite the efforts of the medical staff at Addenbrooke’s hospital, Adam passed away later that evening.

Cambridge News has reported that Adam had septicaemia – which is thought to have been caused by the meningococcal bacteria.


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His family are devastated, his parents and sister have paid tribute to their “model son” and brother, releasing the following statement:

“He was kind and good-hearted and someone who had made a big difference to people’s lives, by being there for them when they needed him. He was thoroughly enjoying life. The family have drawn great strength and comfort from the extraordinary volume of messages of love and support from so many people. At times like this, you realise just how many wonderful, caring people there are. We would like to pay tribute to the fantastic efforts of the medical team in A&E at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, who battled so hard to save him. And also to thank everyone for their kindness and love at such a difficult time.”

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Heather Chambers, the vice-principal at Adam’s college had the following to say:

“Adam was a very positive 16-year-old, who studied psychology, biology and chemistry A-levels. He was hard working, had high aspirations and was very well liked and respected by other students and his teachers. He was very friendly, with a wide group of friends from both Bassingbourn Village College where he previously studied and Long Road Sixth Form College and they will all miss him.”

His biology teacher added:

“He had a mature personality with good values sometimes only shown by people many years beyond his age. He was a big character in the class and had such a positive influence on the whole group with his ‘can-do’ attitude. He was very aware and appreciative of everything the teachers did to aid the students’ learning. He will be greatly missed by everyone.”

Septicaemia: another term for blood poisoning, the invasion of bacteria into the bloodstream. It’s often a result of another infection in the body.

Symptoms: fever, vomiting, bruising/rash, rapid breathing, muscle pain, cold hands and feet, confusion and difficulty waking.

If your child has an infected wound, or you think they have any of the above symptoms of blood poisoning, it’s important to get medical help immediately.