This Teen Posted A Chilling Tweet After Allegedly Killing His Own Girlfriend

This Teen Posted A Chilling Tweet After Allegedly Killing His Own Girlfriend


In Knoxville, Tennessee, a tragic murder took place. Emma Jean Walker, who was just 16-years-old, was shot from outside of her bedroom as she slept.



Knoxville police immediately turned their attention to her 18-year-old boyfriend, William Riley Gaul. But why pay any attention to the boyfriend? He couldn’t have done it, right?


Well, after Emma was shot while she was asleep, William posted and pinned a strange and unusually long tweet to his Twitter page. He dedicated the post to his girlfriend, and the message was a copy of a Bible passage. 1 Corinthians 13:8.

But what was most disturbing was that the tweet was a memorial/dedication tweet addressing Emma’s death. While at first glance the tweet can be seen as a touching message to his girlfriend, it can also be read as a cold and chilling message addressed to a dead ex-girlfriend.

In the photo of them together, the pair looked like an ordinary couple in love. To most of their friends, they were almost the exact definition of young love. But, the pair broke up when Emma decided she didn’t want to be with him.



William and Emma had actually broken up. Emma moved on, however, William was stuck in the past. ‘She had chosen to move on. He refused to accept it. He refused to accept her wishes. Her heart was in service. She was born to be a helper’, this is according to Emma’s aunt, Jenny Weldon.

What many friends found strange about William was his obsession with Emma. Even after the pair broke up. His Twitter profile picture is a picture of Emma, and the cover photo is a photo of the pair at prom. It seems like some people just can’t understand when to move on.



William was arrested and is currently awaiting trial, his bail is set at $750,000.