TEST: Solving This Simple Math Equation May Mean You're A Genius

TEST: Solving This Simple Math Equation May Mean You’re A Genius

TEST: Solving This Simple Math Equation May Mean You’re A Genius

When we were growing up, math class was one of the worst classes on our class timetable. We had to learn how to multiply, adding, subtracting. Stuff that would actually help us in real life. But then we had to learn useless stuff, which to this day I’ve never had to do. Sometimes it really felt like your maths teacher hated children, and that’s probably the reason why they became a maths teacher, so they could torture us with algebra.

We were always asked silly questions about Dave and his apples. ‘If Dave has two apples but he buys four more and gives five away, then how many does he have left?’ It’s enough to make you go crazy.

At common problem with maths is that it emphasises the importance of rules and reason. This made math absolutely boring for most kids.

But every so often we come across puzzles in our life, these require us to use what we remember in school, especially from our old maths lessons. We have a test for you that, even though it has rules, it doesn’t work in the same way a regular math problem does. It’s can be mind-boggling to crack, or the easiest thing in the world to solve. But that all depends on your mindset. Why not give it a try?

If you can solve this in under 10 seconds then you may be a lot smarter than you think.


Straight away you can tell that something is strange about these questions. Normally 8+2=10, it doesn’t equal 16106… How on earth did they manage to get that Their calculator must be off.

But what if the numbers mean something else? To solve this math problem you have to think outside the box.

Instead of panicking about the big answer, simply don’t think about it as one big number but lots of little ones. If that doesn’t help then click on the next page to find how to solve this maths question.


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