Text Code To Instantly Get Parents To Your Aid

Text Code To Instantly Get Parents To Your Aid

Text Code To Instantly Get Parents To Your Aid

Son sends coded message to dad – he immediately comes to his aid. 

We’ve all had those situations as a teenager we thought would be a great idea – the first sleepover with a friend, the party everyone’s been talking about, or even just a day out at the mall with some friends. And we’ve all had the one’s we’ve wanted any excuse to bail out of – things turn weird, out of control, or you’ve simply just had enough!

Instead of having to hide your phone and try to text your parents to come get you without anyone seeing, and having to spend even longer then explaining the situation to them – one family created the perfect solution.

The ‘X’ Plan.

This is Bert Fulks – a pastor, a former pastor’s son and a father. Oh, and also a genius.


Fulks told his son Danny that if he was ever caught in a situation he didn’t want to be in, he could use the following text and phone call script:

1. Danny texts any of his family members the letter X.

This is the initial step, and a way to alert the family that something’s wrong. This is the cue for the family member on the other end to spring into action.

2. After a few minuets, the family member calls Danny and pretends like there is an emergency on their end.


You can’t go wrong. These conversations typically go something like this, as outlined on Fulks’ website:

3. Within 5 minuets, Danny is picked up with no embarrassment or objections.

The #xplan does have a few requirements. Part of what makes this solution work so seamlessly is that it’s based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.

Rather than not allowing your child to go out with friends for the chance that something bad could happen, this method requires the children to use their own judgement on as to how they should behave.

Another catch is that once the X-Plan is in action, no questions are asked. No matter what.

Even if Danny wasn’t where he was suppose to be, for example, Fulks says it’s important for him to be picked up without punishment – it’s an important part of the process.

The full explanation of the X-Plan is available on his website, and we highly recommend all parents and their kids use it!


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