That's Not What I Asked For! Adverts V.S Reality

That’s Not What I Asked For! Adverts V.S Reality

That’s Not What I Asked For! Adverts V.S Reality

We all know that when ordering food from a fast food chain, it will not look as good as it does on the big, glossy advert on the billboard outside. Hours and hours and lots of photo-trickery are spent making that one burger look like the most delicious thing on the planet. But we’re not overly bothered, because despite looking like it’s just been thrown into the box, that Big Mac still tasted delicious!

Sometimes though, we to expect to get what it shows on the adverts. We pay good money for something only to be bitterly disappointed when the product shows up.

From cooking and crafting calamities to clothing that wouldn’t even fit a barbie, here are some of the most hilarious fails where people haven’t got what they bargained for.

1. Spongebob Square-Box?

This person hired somebody to be Spongebob Squarepants for their child’s birthday, but what showed up wasn’t quite what was show in the advert. Kudos, however, for trying to replicate it whoever you are.

2. A Hearty Disaster

This lady wanted her pooches behind to be flattering and heart-shape. Instead, what they ended up with was quite the opposite.

3. Winnie-The-Who?

This knock-off Winnie is the stuff of nightmares. The designer of this bear must have gone off a description of someone who has never seen Winnie-The-Pooh in their lives.

4. Sp’egg’tacular Fail

I don’t think this is eggs-actly what they asked for. The people who brought this product must have thought this was some kind of yolk. Hopefully they’ll get it white next time.

5. Feline a Little Too Tight?

This lady’s daughter bought what she thought would be a nice top for summer. However, she got a bit of a surprise when she took it home and found that it was just a smidge too small. To demonstrate, she put it on her cat, but even for the cat it wasn’t puuuurfect. You can tell I’m loving the puns today.

6. Not What It Says on the Fox

I’m not sure if this is more of a knitting disaster or a product disaster. Whatever it is, it’s definitely a disaster. I think we can all agree on that.

7. KF-See What’s Inside My Burger

You know I was talking at the beginning about those fast food fails? Well yeh – this is one of them. I mean, it looks like they’ve shoved a chicken drumstick in the bun. No. Just no.

8. Get a Pizza This

The puns keep on flowing, and so too do these delicious disaster. This time, the three pepperonis you see through the window are the ONLY pepperonis you’ll be seeing on your entire pizza. I would recommend that you dough not by.

9. This Dog Doesn’t Look Woof

Beware of the dog? Hell no! I want to stroke him and pat him and give him treats and walk him all day long. This dog is a friend, not foe.

10. A Hair-Raising Experience

I think it explains it all in the image. Half-up, half down sweetie? Ok, you’ve got it. Not quite sure that’s what she meant, but either way, she’s rocking that style.

11. Dino-Poor Pillow

So I’m going to buy this and get a nice pillow shaped like a dinosaur right? That boy is clearly sleeping on that pillow that is shaped like a dinosaur, look, his hand is underneath it! WRONG. So wrong. This is what you’ll be getting instead…

You’ll be getting a pillowcase with an image of the boy sleeping on the nice dinosaur pillow that you thought you ordered. I guess you just need to read the spec for this one.

12. You Can’t Sneaker This Past Me

Everyone loves getting new trainers right? I can’t wait for the postman to knock on my door saying he’s got a delivery and then opening up the box to find…

Oh. Well something has gone wrong here. Something has gone veeeery wrong. I think I’ll just get that return sticker.

13. That’s Lolli-Not What I Thought

I see what they’ve done here! Very clever. I mean, I thought I was getting a cute panda shaped lollipop but fine, whatever, I’ll eat it anyway because Panda’s are still cute.

14. Catasourous Rex

And finally, I would not be so disappointed with this. Who doesn’t want a bag of cats? Screw dinosaurs, no one wants dinosaurs. Cats…all of the cats. Cats cats cats and more cats.