The 15 Best Signs From Scotland's Anti-Trump Protests

The 15 Best Signs From Scotland’s Anti-Trump Protests

The 15 Best Signs From Scotland’s Anti-Trump Protests

If these recent years of turmoil in the UK have shown us anything, it’s that nobody protests like the people of Scotland. Artfully insulting in the way that no others know how to be, the Scottish protest sign can be a work of art – or something of pure malice, hilariously written in the inimitable Scots lingo.

With Donald Trump in town this weekend, Scottish protesters were out in force to show their distaste for the US president. And the signs were, predictably, hilariously scathing. Here are 15 of the best.


Is it subtle? No. Does it seem like the sign bearer simply ran out of ideas before they were through with all five letters? Possibly. But does it get the point across that Donald Trump is unwanted in Scotland? Absolutely.


Adults weren’t the only ones showing their disdain for Trump this weekend. While Mum expresses her anger over the chlorinated chicken that may hit UK shores in a new trade deal, baby wants Trump to know that manbabies like him aren’t welcome in Britain.


It wasn’t just babies who could be seen out and about with anti-Trump placards this weekend. Pets, like this mutt that’s apparently displeased about Trump’s infamous “grab them by the pussy” line, were angry too.


One of the more brutal of the Scottish protest signs if you’re a Harry Potter fan, this angry muggle seems to think that not even members of Hufflepuff – the kindest, gentlest wizarding house of them all – would see anything worth liking in Trump.


This protester isn’t the first to point out the parallels between Gilead, the dystopian future America of sci-fi TV show The Handmaid’s Tale, and Trump’s USA, but the execution is simple and savage enough to get Donald where it hurts: his precious public image.


Trump talks often about his Scottish ancestry, and often claims to have some kind of kinship with the Scottish people. Tenner says he would have no idea what this sign means.


Remember there was that rumour doing the rounds that Putin had kompromat on Trump, namely a secret video of the Donald filmed being urinated on by Russian prostitutes in a hotel room? Well this woman hasn’t forgotten either.


It wouldn’t be a Trump protest if someone wasn’t making fun of his weird hair. Naturally, this man has gone for the simple yet effective play on words of “We shall over comb”.


The language in this sign reads vaguely medieval enough that you imagine it could have been just as easily read back in the Middle Ages. Appropriate, considering that’s also where Trump’s politics originated.


Answers on a postcard for what exactly this protester has come dressed to the march as, but what we do know for sure is that this is a sign so dense with Scots slang, it could almost double as a learning tool for anyone trying to get to grips with Scottish English for the first time.


Referencing Trump’s anti-science agenda on climate change, this sign goes long with a cheeky rhyme then blows the whole thing up with a down and dirty Scottish insult.


It’s easy, perhaps lazy and maybe even a bit childish by now to go making comparisons between Trump and Hitler, but this guy gets a pass for referencing Trump’s authoritarian qualities and tiny hands in the same sign, also inventing a new word in the process.


There’s nothing funny about Trump separating crying children from their families and putting them in cages. But this sign is, without a doubt, amusing all the same for how direct it is.


Honestly, every single one of these signs is gold. Particularly devastating is the “I crossed an ocean to get away from this guy” sign, from what is presumably an American who relocated her entire life from the US to Edinburgh just to avoid even being in the same country as the new president.


Referencing Donald Trump’s own heritage – his mother was the Scottish Mary Anne MacLeod – this sign, about Trump’s maw being a wee roaster, has become ubiquitous at Britain’s Trump marches. It’s still the best.