The Results Are In, And The World's Best Crisp Brand Will Surprise You

The Results Are In, And The World’s Best Crisp Brand Will Surprise You

The Results Are In, And The World’s Best Crisp Brand Will Surprise You

Everyone loves a packet of crisps, but what’s your favourite? Whether it’s tangy Doritos or just a pack of ready salted Walkers, we all have an opinion on which brand of crisps is best.

Now thanks to a survey by Ranker, we can reveal the world’s favourite crisp in all its glory!

According to voters from around the world, Cheetos are in fact the most popular crisps in the world.

People voted decisively in favour of the American brand, which consists of tangy, cheese-flavoured puffballs not dissimilar to Wotsits. Cheetos are sold in over 36 countries around the world and came out on top in the survey of everyone’s favourite snack. The results were collected by Ranker, a digital media company which asked people online to rate the “greatest chips of all time”.

Cool Ranch Doritos came in second place, whilst Lay’s Classic ranked third.

Lay’s also had another entry in the top ten with their BBQ flavour, whilst other notable victors included Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream and two different types of Pringles – Original and Sour Cream & Onion.

Ranker asked survey participants:

“How do you rank the greatest chip of all time? Do you go by dip-ability? Or the flavour of the chip by itself?

“Do you go by the size of the chip? Do healthy chips make better chips? All these very important questions could have mind boggling answers that shake the very foundations of science, snacking, and reality!


“The goal of this list is to put all of our chip-loving minds together and decide what is the absolute most delicious, best chip in the world. Go!”

We don’t know about you but all of this crisp talk is making us hungry!

Apparently, over 12,100 people cast a total of 142,500 votes in the online survey and had to vote the crisps either up or down on the list.

In other news, any crisp lovers out there might want to watch out, because the recent hot weather has led to an impending crisps shortage. Time to stock up on all of your favourites sooner rather than later if you want to make sure you’ve got enough snacks on hand at your next BBQ!

What do you think of the world’s favourite crisp? Do you enjoy a packet of Cheetos is a bag of Kettle chips more your style? 

Let us know in the comments section below!