These 18 Tell Tale Signs Could Help You Understand Your Baby Better

These 18 Tell Tale Signs Could Help You Understand Your Baby Better

These 18 Tell Tale Signs Could Help You Understand Your Baby Better

    If you’re a parent, you’ll know full well how nerve-wracking those few months of having your new little one at home with you are!

    That’s not to say that parenting isn’t nerve-wracking for the next 18 years of their life and beyond, but those very first months of being a new Mom or Dad must be absolutely terrifying! Personally, I’d be too scared to even HOLD my child for the first few weeks, in case I broke it!

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    So naturally, in this tense and apprehensive state, new parents are bound to have a whole load of fears about their new bambino. So, they’re likely to try and play the guessing game as to what their new child really wants and needs from their body language…which, let’s be honest, is no easy task!

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    So how do you understand your child who can’t communicate with words? Well, child experts have outlined the three main methods on how we adults can communicate with our babies….and it’s pretty wonderful!

    1. METHOD NO. 1 – The Way They Cry

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    Of course, crying is the main way that our babies communicate with us, especially for the first four months of their life…so how do we distinguish those cries from hunger? pain? or something else?


    1. A calling cry

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    Nope, it’s nothing to do with mobile phones…
    The calling cry is indicative of the baby being alone for a very long time and now they want Mommy or Daddy to pick them up. They will continuously cry for 5-6 seconds and then pause for 20 seconds as if they’re waiting for the results. If the parent doesn’t come running, then this cycle will repeat several times until the crying becomes continuous.

    2. A hunger cry

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    It could start with a calling cry but if the baby wasn’t picked up and fed, the cry will continue and become hysterical. The baby might also keep rotating their head, making smacking sounds with their mouth.
    I think if I were still a baby, this would be my default setting until someone fed me pizza…