This Harry Potter-Themed Proposal Is So Magical That Even JK Rowling Got Involved

This Harry Potter-Themed Proposal Is So Magical That Even JK Rowling Got Involved

This Harry Potter-Themed Proposal Is So Magical That Even JK Rowling Got Involved

When it comes to love, it can be hard to find the right person that you want to spend the rest of your life with – but when you share the same nerdy interests, it’s always a good sign.

That’s certainly the case for Heather Pearson and Kelsey Stacey, a couple from Portland, Oregon, who share an obsession with the Harry Pottwe series. When Heather decided that she wanted to propose to Kelsey, she knew that her proposal would have to heavily involve their favourite series – and boy, did it!

Pearson planned the proposal “for about a year,” before finally sending Stacy on a Harry Potter-themed scavenger hunt on Halloween day.

What Stacy didn’t know at the beginning was of the scavenger hunt was that her life was about to change forever.

The story of the proposal was shared on Youtube, and you can watch below. Be prepared to shed a happy tear or two!

Pearson explained to Pink News why this was the perfect proposal for them:

“Kelsey and I went to Harry Potter World on our first anniversary, we love Harry Potter, all the movies and all the books. Growing up I never pictured what my life would look like, but when I met Kelsey, [I knew] that this is it.”

The pair, who are Slytherins, already owned matching robes and wands.

So how did she pull this incredible proposal off?

Well, as the fateful day got closer, Pearson convinced Stacy to help her throw a Potter-themed Halloween party. What Stacy didn’t know is that she was actually helping to plan her own engagement bash.

On Halloween, Stacy was led on a scavenger hunt that took her all over the city, seeing old friends and finding copies of the Harry Potter books with love letters from Draco Malfoy inside. This is incredibly romantic in itseld!

The search finally led her back to her own apartment, where Pearson was waiting on the balcony dressed as Malfoy, holding a copy of Goblet of Fire (their favorite installment in the series) whose pages had been artfully folded to spell out “Marry Me?”

Of course, Kelsey said yes – I mean, how could you not?! The couple’s friends cheered and the pair shared a tearful kiss, and their celebratory tweet soon went viral on the internet.

In fact, JK Rowling herself took the time to congratulate the two on their happiest of Halloweens:

As you would expect, the happy couple went absolutely cuckoo with joy when they saw that the author of their favourite books had seen their story and congratulated them.

All the best to Kelsey and Heather for the future!