Thoughtful Family Build Incredible 'Blessing Bike' For Grandmother's 92nd Birthday

Thoughtful Family Build Incredible ‘Blessing Bike’ For Grandmother’s 92nd Birthday

Thoughtful Family Build Incredible ‘Blessing Bike’ For Grandmother’s 92nd Birthday

Far too often, we take our senior citizens for granted, or don’t show them the consideration and respect that they deserve. Fortunately for 92-year-old Rosemary Sorce of Boise, Idaho, she has a loving family who are still very much a part of her daily life, and who recently made a very sweet gesture for her 92nd birthday.

Rosemary has always loved going on bike rides, but has found it more and more difficult – and increasingly dangerous – as she gets older. Now she can zoom around town again, thanks to her family.

the blessing bike

They call it the Blessing Bike – it’s a simple cargo style bicycle retrofitted to carry Rosemary on three sturdy wheels instead of two. So, technically it’s a trike, but Blessing Bike has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

The bike has a comfortable and safe front seat, which can seat two people. It is steered from a traditional bike seat at the back, operated by another person. It means that Rosemary, and a friend of her choice, can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city without exerting too much energy, or being at the risk of falling off.

Rosemary’s daughter Jill Houser had the idea to build the special bike for her mother after seeing a video on Facebook. She told KTVB aboute how she got the inspiration for the magical vehicle:

the blessing bike

“I was on Facebook and saw a video from Copenhagen. A volunteer built a bike and was taking seniors all over the place, and I was watching the looks on those people’s faces and then looked at my mom on the couch, who I would take out in a wheelchair and then said to Wade (her husband), is there any way you can make something like this?” Jill said. “And he said like he always does… I think I could make that!”

Jill and Wade bought an old rusted cargo bike on Craigslist, made the modifications as required, and repainted it in a nice coat of baby blue. They then gifted it to Rosemary for her 92nd birthday.

Rosemary instantly fell in love with her new ride, and being able to zip around the streets like she used to has given her a new lease on life.

“I’m 92 and hell I want to keep going, oops I shouldn’t have said that, I want to keep going,” Rosemary said. “Look at the sky. You know you don’t see all this in the car.”

the blessing bike

She’s quite right – it’s a much more intense and fun experience riding a bike. The Blessing Bike has made a huge positive difference for Rosemary and her family, and it’s also had an impact on locals, who always notice rosemary and family riding by.

“We had a man stop us on the street, and he pulled over in a parking lot and physically stopped us on the road and just started crying and said ‘I wish I had this experience for my mom, how do you build a bike like this? What do you do?’,” Jill said.

“So I think this isn’t just about us, it’s about what we can do we can all do for our elderly family members in helping them experience this season in their life at the very end as much as possible.”

So, thanks to the amazing positive power the new vehicle has had, the family decided to call it The Blessing Bike.


“This is lovely. I like the freedom to be able to go outside!” Rosemary said. “It makes you feel good and you feel loved! You’re not just sitting around.”

“It’s heavenly and that must be what heaven is like, just to know that you are loved.”

It’s the kind of thing you need to see for yourself to appreciate – watch the video below:

Thank the lord for loving families. All the best for the future, Rosemary!