Today Is 'National Boyfriend Day', Which Is A Really Stupid National Day...

Today Is ‘National Boyfriend Day’, Which Is A Really Stupid National Day…

Today Is ‘National Boyfriend Day’, Which Is A Really Stupid National Day…

According to the Internet, October 3rd is National Boyfriend Day. I mean, people are tweeting about it so it must be legit…

Source: Huffington Post

Source: Huffington Post

I was under the impression that this was the only notable thing about October 3rd…

Source: Paramount Pictures

Source: Paramount Pictures

Here are just some of the reasons why National Boyfriend Day is one of the most pointless and ridiculous holidays to have been forced into existence…

1. Single Ladies Don’t Need Another Day To Feel Terrible On


A lot of the single ladies (who are interested in men) are more than okay with being single, they haven’t subscribed to the idea that they need to be in a relationship to be happy and they are out there doing the things that they like to do.

But some women, even if they understand that they don’t need a relationship to be whole and happy, are actively seeking out companionship. They are swiping diligently through Tinder and are going out on dates with people their friends have set them up with.

National Boyfriend Day is like a slap to the face on top of all the unrequested dick pics they are burdened with.

2. You Should Appreciate Your Boyfriend Every Day?

Source: Chester Clinical Practice

Source: Chester Clinical Practice

If you need an entire day to remind you to show your other half that you appreciate them, then there is probably something wrong with your relationship. I don’t mean that every day should be sunshine and rainbows, but is it a healthy relationship if you need to be reminded to be grateful for your boyfriend?


3. Society Giving Single Women Crap For Being Single.

Source: Mic

National Boyfriend Day plays into society’s attempt at making women feel bad for being single. In the media, single men are portrayed as “living the life” and entering a relationship is shown as being restraining. How many times have wives been referred to as “the old ball and chain”?

Whereas for women, relationships are shown as being the “end goal”, and single women are shown as either sad and lonely or as party-loving sluts. Double standard, much?

4. It’s Yet Another Pointless Holiday.

Do we really need another holiday that is basically just a one-sided valentines day? I mean, National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day makes sense – give your parents a day off and kids get to learn valuable culinary skills. National Online Learning Day, encouraging people to learn a new skill, I can get behind that. But National Boyfriend Day? Who decided that was a necessary celebration?

5. “Steak and Blowjob Day” Already Exists…

March 14th is National Steak and Blowjob Day. Which is basically National Boyfriend Day Part One. Pick a day, lads. It’s ridiculous that you should get two. Why can’t both spouses just have an equally good day for Valentines, and leave it at that? I mean, if you’re adamant about having a specific day for your man, surely March 14th covers it? That being said, while men are having Steak and Blowjob Day, where is Cake & Cunnilingus Day for the ladies?

6. Not The Same As ‘National Girlfriend Day’

National Girlfriend Day (August 1st) is not a day where women get pampered by their other halves, much like National Boyfriend Day insists on. No, it is a day where girls appreciate their girl friends. It is a day for gal pals. So, surely, that should make National Boyfriend Day a day for bromances??

7. Can We Have Some USEFUL National Days, Please?

If we’re going to start having National Days for everything under the sun, can we at least make useful ones? Like National Buy A Homeless Person A Coffee Day, or National Visit An Old People’s Home Day. Those would be super lovely days to get involved with!

Source: Huffington Post

Source: Huffington Post

What do you think? Is National Boyfriend Day a farce, or is it a glowing opportunity to shower your fella in love and other stuff?



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