The Top Dating Mishaps You Should Avoid!

The Top Dating Mishaps You Should Avoid!

Dating is an enigma to many of us. You think things are going great and then suddenly the rug is pulled out from under you and you’re told things aren’t working out. But you’re at a complete loss as to why.

Well, here are the top ten things you should avoid when it comes to dating; fails you can turn into successes and some absolute “no”s…

1. Don’t be a pervert


While it’s okay to want to make it clear through physical affection that you’re involved with someone in public, you should still be respectful. Learn to find the middle ground between looking as though you’re just friends and being a pervert.

2. Don’t be a pussy

Don’t let pets put you off from doing the dance with no pants – asking someone to choose between you and their pets is a losing man’s game!

3. Have reasonable standards


Appearances aren’t everything, and you shouldn’t be putting so much stock into them. Besides, dates will get pretty boring if you have nothing to actually talk about!

4. Be a decent person


If things aren’t working out, take the time to consider the other person’s feelings when you call things off with them. Be kind, always. And definitely don’t do it over social media or text!

5. Be cool, at least a little 

While you should always be yourself, maybe expose the person you’re dating to your weirdness slowly but surely? You can play it cool and still be yourself!

6. Communication is key!


Seriously. If you have problems, voice them, work through them. Nobody is a mind reader. Talking and communicating is the most important aspect of any relationship.

7. Don’t lead someone on


It might be “easier” to wait for the right moment but believe me, it’s better for both of you if you get it out there right away if you’re not interested in someone. It’s always going to hurt initially, but it will hurt considerably less if it’s done sooner rather than later.