Top Ten UK Towns Where People Cheat The Most Revealed!

Top Ten UK Towns Where People Cheat The Most Revealed!

Top Ten UK Towns Where People Cheat The Most Revealed!

It’s a hard fact of life – many people are cheated on. In a recent survey produced by, 22% of men have admitted to being unfaithful to their significant other. And it seems like the workplace is the hotspot for infidelity, with 36% of men and women admitting to having an affair with a coworker. But has it ever seemed to you with guys that history keeps repeating itself over and over again? Well, you might just live in one of the UK’s top ten town for cheaters! have done their research, and now they have the stats that reveal the UK’s cheating hotspots. So do you live in one of these ten unfaithful places? Here we count down from 10 to 1, revealing what the figures reveal about your hometown.

10. Esher – Surrey

This small, Surrey suburban haven might seem quaint and quite on the outside, but behind closed curtains, a whole host of naughty things are occurring. According to IllicitEncounters, 1.9% of this small town’s population have been unfaithful to their partner.

Esher was the setting for one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s mysteries, “The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge,” where the fictional Mr. Garcia is murdered. I think the famous sleuth should return to fish out these cheating fiends.

9. Taunton – Sommerset

Again, there’s nothing particularly remarkable about this Sommerset town, but it comes in at number 9 on our list of most unfaithful places. 1,193 of the town’s 60,479 residents have admitted to seeing someone else behind their partner’s back.

According to travel website Tripadvisor, the number one activity to do in and around Taunton is to go horse riding in the Quantock hills. We suggest that if you’re on of the 1,193 unlucky ones, you should pop on a horse and trek yourself out of there.

8. Pontypridd – Wales

The first non-English town on the list, Pontypridd in South Wales takes the eight spot on the list. Known locally as Ponty, the town only has a population of 32,694. But 2.06 percent of those people have found themselves wandering to other people.

The name Pontypridd comes from the name Pont-y-tŷ-pridd, which is Welsh for “bridge by the earthen house”, a reference to a succession of wooden bridges that formerly spanned the River Taff at this point. Let’s just hope there are no trolls lurking underneath them.

7. Beeston – Nottinghamshire

Situated in the East Midlands county of Nottinghamshire, Beeston has nearly 1000 cheaters walking amongst its streets. 925 (2.06 percent of the population) Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the University of Nottingham’s main campus is located to the northeast of the town.

With all those students in one place, there are bound to be people who make their round between halls.

6. Royal Tunbridge Wells – Kent

This affluent town, situated in the ‘Garden of England,’ Kent, became popular as a spa town during the reign of Charles II during the Restoration. People were attracted to the chalybeate waters of its spring, but now they just seem to be attracted to each other.

1,151 people, which is 2.06 percent of population, have admitted to dipping their toe behind their partner’s back. According to Louise Van Der Velde, international sex expert who claims to have had at least 80 affairs with married men, “it is typical of the posh commuter towns where cheating is absolutely rife.”

5. Windsor – Berkshire

Location of the upcoming nuptials between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Windsor in Berkshire takes the halfway spot on our list. Windsor has a rich history related to Royalty, with Windsor Castle being built by William the Conquerer after the Norma invasion and being an official residence of the Monarchy ever since.

However, just like the castle, which caught fire in 1992, cheating is ablaze in this historic town. Some right Royal activity is going on between the sheets with 2.08 percent of the population going at it with other people. One does not approve.

4. Irvine – North Ayrshire

The first Scottish location on the list, this town became classified as a ‘new town’ in 1966. Most new towns are either completely newly built or based around small villages, but Irvine was already a sizeable town which had been a Royal Burgh since 1372. It is the birthplace of current First Minister of Scotland, Nichola Sturgeon, as well as former Minister Alex Salmond.

But just similar to the Scottish referendum in 2014, it looks like many people want out of their relationship in the town, 1,782 of them to be precise (2.51 percent of the population.)

3. Beaconsfield – Buckinghamshire 

This small town in Buckinghamshire is known for the world’s first model village, and for being the home of the National Film and Television School. The town may have a model village, but they’re certainly not a role model when it comes to relationships.

It may be a small number at only 408 people, but given the town’s size, that’s 3.4 percent of the population. Gosh!

2. Wilmslow – Cheshire

Just being pipped to the post for top spot (which let’s face it, isn’t a spot you really want,) this small Cheshire haven takes runner up on the list. Wilmslow is located 11 miles south of Manchester and is one of the most sought-after places to live in the UK after central London.

Wilmslow forms one of the points of the Cheshire ‘Golden Triangle,’ an area known for expensive houses, pleasant countryside, famous footballers, celebrities and entrepreneurs. Well, footballers do have a bit of a reputation. This must explain why a whopping 3.6 percent of the population have admitted to cheating on their other-halves. But what has beaten this sleepy town to the top spot? …

1. Stratford-Upon-Avon – Warwickshire 

That’s right, it’s none other than the birthplace of the bard himself…Stratford-Upon-Avon. Famed as being the home of our greatest Playwright, William Shakespeare, this Warwickshire paradise takes the number one spot where people are most likely to cheat.

llicitEncounters spokesman Christian Grant said: “We are increasingly popular in commuter towns like Stratford-upon-Avon, Harrogate, Wilmslow and Beaconsfield. Cheating in suburbia has never been more popular.”

With 2.5 million visitors pouring into the town each year to walk in the footsteps of our National Treasure, opportunity must be rife for people to have a look at what other fish are in the sea. 1,047 out of the 27,445 who call this place home have admitted to ditching their Juliet for a Caliban. Let’s hope it’s just Puck up to his usual tricks again (I’m hoping you’re getting the Shakespeare references.)

I’ll finish on one of the great’s most famous, and appropriate, quotes…”All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”