The True Love Story Behind UFC Star Conor McGregor's Success

The True Love Story Behind UFC Star Conor McGregor’s Success

The True Love Story Behind UFC Star Conor McGregor’s Success

Behind most success stories there is a supporting figure. For Conor McGregor, that supporting, caring, and loving figure took the shape of his girlfriend, Dee Devlin.

In a recent interview, Conor hailed his supportive partner as a ‘lifesaver’. This inspirational love story proves that behind every great man, there is an equally great woman.

The featherweight, now lightweight, champion stunned thousands overnight, as he knocked out Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in the second round. He wowed countless people, and now he’s wowing people again with his inspiration love and success story.

His jaw-dropping wins meant that the 28-year-old fighter is the first fighter in UFC history to hold championships in two divisions.

What a night! ❤️

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After his groundbreaking success in Madison Garden on Sunday night, he openly praised his girlfriend for her support, as well as openly owing his success to her.

Despite the pairs humble beginnings, the pair has been strong, even during the rough times. For Conor, Dee was a rock, a source of constant support.

The pair has been together for over eight years when they first met in a nightclub. Since then Conor and Dee have been a united front, with Dee supporting his career.

Teamwork to make the dream work #throwback

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‘My girlfriend worked very hard throughout the years and stuck by me when I had essentially nothing.’ The pair faced some tough times during their relationship. The pair barely survived while living on the dole, earning just £1,300 from Conor’s fight wins.

Conor is extremely happy that he is now able to take Dee traveling and spoil her since she was so supportive of him. Conor and Dee’s relationship is truly touching and inspirational.

However, Dee’s commitment to Conor and his career is only a highlight to this touching story. Dee and Conor are expecting their first child together. Dee is expected to give birth next year.