Twitter Suggests 17 AWFUL Valentine's Day Gifts

Twitter Suggests 17 AWFUL Valentine’s Day Gifts

Twitter Suggests 17 AWFUL Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you might be wondering if you’ll ever find someone to love. But the single life really isn’t all that bad.

When you compare it to being stuck with a person you’re actually not in love with, it’s definitely preferable.

So whilst it can sometimes seem like the end of the world, being single can have it’s plus sides – especially on Valentine’s Day. For example, you wouldn’t have to put up with anyone you thought you were hitting it off with sending you any of these horrific gifts out of nowhere.
1. “What’re you trying to say, exactly…?”

2. When you’re still single and your parents start getting concerned

3. “Oh! You shouldn’t have… No really, you shouldn’t have.”

4. Well, you never know what’s around the corner

5. Getting some questionable literature

6. “How is this even a real thing?!”

7. Now all you need is a time machine…

8. Just because you’ve had too many chocolates doesn’t mean you deserve this

9. …Or THIS