The US Olympic Ski Team Are Competing In Some Interesting Attire

The US Olympic Ski Team Are Competing In Some Interesting Attire

The US Olympic Ski Team Are Competing In Some Interesting Attire

The manner in which skiers fly through mountains, as they head down mountain slopes at incredible speeds, comparing them to superheroes wouldn’t be the most far fetched comparison to make. These winter “Avengers” if you will, will be assembling soon at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The US have themselves made this comparison between winter athletes, and the heroes of our favourite comic books, and have decided to kit their athletes out in the attire of our favourite superheroes for the games.

The theme for the costumes is Marvel based. Male competitors will be donning a Captain America based number, with the females donning a Captain Marvel suit. It certainly gives the impression they’ll be able to go that bit faster.

The teams official kit supplier, Spyder, teamed up with Marvel for the production of the quite frankly ingenious suits. The American team first wore the skin tight apparel at the FIS Alpine World Championships in St Mortiz, Switzerland. Their exposure wasn’t widespread however, as the event isn’t as spectated as the Olympics.

So this week will be the week you get to see the heroes in action, when audiences across the world will be screaming at skiers in spandex seemingly flying down the slopes.

My own personal choice would be to incorporate a little Batman into proceedings. Imagine flying at a blistering pace down the slopes of South Korea, disguised as Gothams caped crusader. Even if you’re after a little humour, donning a Robin outfit whilst airborne an image that provokes a sly chuckle.

It’s not the first time however that a sports-persons attire has made the headlines. As we run you through our favourite sporting fashion disasters.

John Daly’s Trousers

Daly’s is appropriately dubbed “Wild Thing”, and his trousers go on to cement this nickname. His choice of golfing attire has often raised questions. But I doubt you’ll find nothing as “funky” as this combination. The Austn Powers-esque bottoms combined with a bubblegum pink polo if nothing, is, erm, brave.


Stade Francais’ Pink Tops¬†

Resuming with the pink theme, seeing 15 rugby payers built like brick shithouses is less so intimidating when in this shocking number. The design, complete with abstract art, proved not so popular in France. Surely a job was lost with this creation?

England Sevens World Cup Kit

This catastrophic abstract number was displayed by England at the 2013 World Cup. The kit, attempts to be unique and abstract. But it fails in spectacular fashion.

Arsenal Diamond Strip

This 1992 retro number is quite possibly one of the most 90’s things I’ve ever seen. The diamond design is definitley something that should be consigned to Room 101. But bizarrely I’d say this would be quite fashionable these days. With the introduction of 80’s gear into the mainstream over that last 10/15 years, it’s pretty safe to say that these 90’s car-crash kits may make a slow return to the forefront of sports fashion.

Cameroon All In One

Yes, this kit caused quite the stir, and was ultimately banned by FIFA. The kit, is actually one piece. Although that isn’t the the reason this kit is offensive to me. The numbers looking like childhood handwriting really hurts my eyes.


Bochum 1997
Sticking with the football theme, because quite simply it’s hard to ignore this little gem. It’s like two people were charged with the responsibility of designing, and failed to communicate throughout the entire process. That or the kit-man has had an absolute nightmare, and mixed numerous colours up in the wash. It wasn’t exactly a negative impact on the team however, as they team managed UEFA Cup Qualification that year.