7 Ways Insecure People Attempt To Make Themselves Seem Important

7 Ways Insecure People Attempt To Make Themselves Seem Important

7 Ways Insecure People Attempt To Make Themselves Seem Important

You can usually gain an indication of when someone is trying to beef up their importance in a social situation, in trying to make you feel inferior. For reasons you just can’t grasp, you analyse yourself more harshly when in their company, and you may even begin to doubt your own substance.

Therapy is a tool available to help individuals confront these insecurities and accept their existence. It allows people to not shy away from the phoney persona they are creating, and really address the issues that really are in front of their eyes.

As you can probably picture, a person who feels the need to constantly big themselves up, would face great difficulty confiding in others. To show any kind of weakness would compromise any faux exterior they may have built up. This would leave their rather fragile self open and vulnerable.

The term “inferiority complex” is based on individuals who are aware of their own weaknesses, create a huge front to protect these insecurities from prying eyes.

Here are 7 ways insecure people attempt to feel important

1) Pretend They’re In A Rush

People attempting to come across as important, will definitely make it appear as thought their schedule is jam packed. They;ll look at their watch often, keep checking their phone, walk unusually fast, and seem generally overworked. After all, in society today, the better a career you have, the more favourably you are looked upon.

2) Repackage Ordinary Events With Terms Meant To Impress

For example a “board meeting” may just be a group gathering. A “conference call” may just be a quick call to Mum to make sure everything is okay. These simple tasks are replaced with labels that are completely different to their truths.

3) Seem Busier Than They Are 

Busy people, tend to be more anxious. To continue their feigned self importance, they will refuse to relax their mind. A lot of frowning and squinting is produced, and they have a lot more on their mind. They tend to be a lot more plagued by distractions as well, so tend to bury this behind a “busy” mind.

4) Use An “Out of Office” Email 

This further adds to the notion of building a fairytale within your life. Some people may throw an out of office on, to give the impression that they’re busy and important. When in fact the opposite is true. They can even go a step further and add an extra layer of false pretence to this one, by adding “please contact my assistant” on their email. When they have no such assistant.

5) They Will Make You Wait 

People who want to perceive that they’re important will make you wait. They may even turn up slightly later than anticipated. They need to create the impression that they have more important things than you going on, to feed their tale. It’s annoying to be on the receiving end of, but number 5 is an important move in what as a huge game of chess for the subject.

6) Exaggerate On Social Media. 

To keep their inflated sense of self worth in check, social media is a valuable tool used to ensure that people are aware of just how indispensable they really are. Promotions, skills, and achievements will be posted in real time, to ensure everyone knows just how great they really are.

7) Behave Like The Smartest in The Room

When insecure people feel threatened by others, they will feel challenged on an irrational level. Even if they do not have a clue what they’re talking about, they’ll put on a show with the sole aim of dazzling their audience with their knowledge.