A Weatherman Burned His Daughter On Text And Now Other Weathermen Are Getting Involved

A Weatherman Burned His Daughter On Text And Now Other Weathermen Are Getting Involved

Chris Holcomb is the father to an 18 year old girl named Claire. He is also the chief meteorologist at an American news channel.

As well as knowing a lot about weather, he also understands the high cost of education after putting his daughter through college.

As his daughter is about to graduate form school, college has been “a big topic in our household while she is narrowing her choices,” Holcomb told BuzzFeed News.

Last week in a weather report, Holcomb reported that there was a high chance of snow showers in his area. After finishing the report and checking his phone, he saw a text from his daughter.

She was telling her dad that he is probably wrong because her app said snow was NOT on the forecast. 

Holcomb told Buzzfeed:

“I showed the computer models with the scenarios, and narrowed down my own ‘hand drawn’ map of accumulation totals,” he said. “I was specific about when it would move in, when it would move out and how much snow each area would get.”

He was not all that impressed that his daughter challenged him. “I just rolled my eyes and replied with ‘thanks,’” he said.

He then decided to text her back saying, “Maybe your weather app will pay for your college.”


After the little text exchange, he decided to Tweet it to his followers. And it went VIRAL.

“They often respond more to those type of posts than my posts about actual weather events,” he said.

It has already had 50,000 retweets and it has since been picked up by a number of websites spreading the story.

People were impressed by how ruthless a meteorologist dad could be.


They were all very impressed with a dad standing up to his daughter in style.

And what was even more awesome was that a load of other weathermen stepped in to show their support.

Weathermen like Will Stafford.

And Jim Cantore.

And Bridget Tomlinson.

So did it snow that day? Chris wants you all (and Claire) to know that “it did snow” and “with some ice too.”

Nice one dad!