Woman Becomes Victim Of A "Pull A Pig" Joke After Spending £350 To Meet Holiday Lover

Woman Becomes Victim Of A “Pull A Pig” Joke After Spending £350 To Meet Holiday Lover

Woman Becomes Victim Of A “Pull A Pig” Joke After Spending £350 To Meet Holiday Lover

Sophie Stevenson has become the victim of one of the cruellest “jokes” out there after she forked out a whopping £350 to meet her lover in Amsterdam.

Dutchman Jesse Mateman left Sophie devastated and in tears after she was stood up by her holiday date, who simply left her with the message: “You were pigged.”

Mateman had tricked Sophie into flying over to visit him in Amsterdam, leaving the woman out of pocket as well as out of love.

Sophie, who is 24 years old, slept with 21 year old Jesse when they first met in Barcelona during the time of August’s terror attack. Despite the emotionally testing time, Sophie considered their encounter to be a “proper romance” and so was buzzing to meet him again after they had hit it off so well.

Sophie with Jesse Mateman

But instead of a continuation of their love story, the man had a sick plan in store for her instead.

In his heartless message, Jesse chose to add two pig emojis and a laughing face, writing: “It was all a joke” and then proceeded to tell her that she had been “pigged”.

The idea behind the “Pull A Pig” game is that a group of men will go out and try to pull who they consider to be the least attractive girl. The “winner” is the man who manages to attract the “ugliest” woman.

“Pulling a pig is where a guy tried to pull the fat, ugly girl,” Sophie explained, still shaken by the ordeal. “I felt sick.”

Sophie, who is a bar supervisor from Stoke, spent £350 on the trip to Amsterdam in the hopes to be reunited with Jesse once again. The journey took her a tiring 400 miles in total.

Jesse reportedly played along with the plans over the phone whenever they talked, meaning that Sophie could never have had an idea of what he was about to do. But it all came out when the day arrived: Jesse failed to meet her at the airport, leaving Sophie alone and stranded in a foreign country.

Finding her way to a hotel, heartbroken Sophie finally received his offensive, gut wrenching messages six hours later.

Jesse Mateman

Shocked by what she had just read and in a state of disbelief, Sophie responded: “How can you be so cruel though!”

Immediately after he received Sophie’s heartbroken message, foul playing Jesse blocked her on social media. They haven’t been in contact since.

“I was so upset I changed my flights and headed home the next morning,” Sophie said, speaking about her nightmare ordeal.

Jesse has since ignored efforts to be contacted by anyone to talk about the situation. But it sounds like we didn’t need this swine’s version of the story anyway!

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