Woman Destroys $200,000 Worth Of Art By Taking A Selfie

Woman Destroys $200,000 Worth Of Art By Taking A Selfie

Woman Destroys $200,000 Worth Of Art By Taking A Selfie

We’ve all had those embarrassing moments that haunt us forever, the humiliation sticking with us for the rest of our lives and all we can do is cringe when we look back on them.

However, some scenario are a lot worse than others.

For example, a woman who decided to take a selfie with $200,000 worth of art – surely nothing could go wrong, right?

Wrong. As you can see in the video, the woman seems to lose her balance, resulting in her stumbling and knocking over a pedestal behind her… which of course, in turn, creates a domino effect as the whole row topples to the ground – and all people can do is watch the disaster unfold.

The art was being held at Hypercaine, an exhibit put on by the 14th Factory Art Exhibition – a nonprofit, indie, temporary art project that’s currently going on in Los Angeles.


The pieces were reportedly “permanently damaged” after they were sent crashing to the ground.

The 14th Factory described the artwork:

“Inside a serene space, singular objects rest on plinths: these are crowns, or at least some semblance of what a crown might be, presented as precious trophies or boons. Some are classic in form, intricately crafted while others are very simple in design, as though rendered from a child’s drawing. Others have more elaborate forms: alien, hybrid, they are at times even contorted into inhibiting devices, somewhere between a crown and a mask. Some are fashioned of precious materials like gold or silver, some of marble; others of more humble material like wood, nylon, scrap metal, or dried herbs and flowers. These are variously imagined forms of the goods of desire that we journeyers hope to gain, the boon that awaits us when we have come through the battle. Flanking the crown room is a small, intimate space, inhabited by a collection of actual meteorite stones, modest in appearance but holding within them the secrets of the universe. “

And of course, Twitter was all over the drama.



Some thought it wasn’t the woman’s fault, while others strongly disagreed. What do you think?

However, most of Twitter were far too busy cringing for her.

Like most of our most embarrassing moments, I don’t think the woman will ever be able to live this down.

In reflection, do you have a memory more cringe-worthy than this, or does she top all?