Woman To Marry Tetris After Her Relationship With A Calculator Falls Through

Woman To Marry Tetris After Her Relationship With A Calculator Falls Through

Woman To Marry Tetris After Her Relationship With A Calculator Falls Through

Usually, the news that a 20 year old woman is making plans to marry her new boyfriend wouldn’t come as a surprise – until you know that she’s in a relationship with a copy of Tetris.

The mathematics genius identifies as an objectum sexual and also has a number of exes, including a calculator named Pierre. Other objects she’s previously fancied range from iPods to GPS systems to monorails.

The student has chosen to go by the name of Fractal Tetris Huracan, and began her relationship with the well known 80s game last September.

Source: Mercury Press

Her home is full of Tetris memorabilia as she surrounds herself with reminders of her love, and has since stated that she wants to marry the game as soon as she graduates from her maths course two years from now.

Additionally, Fractal says that she has a physical relationship with Tetris, making use of a variety of Tetris themed items – such as a Tetris cushion and a hard drive.

“It started when I would play this game called Smash Run and I would hear the Tetris theme and I thought it was nice. Every time I heard it I would want to play Tetris,” said Fractal.

“All I did was play this game and kept thinking I want to play Tetris.

“I think Tetris is so beautiful, he is about perfection and he stimulates your mind. Physically I get that feeling that people in relationships get – that you know they are the right one.”

The student clarifies that she only gets the hots for objects that she perceives as male, and explains that being objectum sexual is a sexual preference, not a fetish.

“I want to make clear there is a big difference,” she said.

“A fetish is sexual whereas objectum sexual is more romantic. You have actual feelings and feel like you emotionally connect with the objects, I’ve never been attracted to humans.”

Source: Mercury Press

Fractal’s previous committed relationship with Pierre, a calculator, came to an end after he stopped working.

“I loved touching his buttons – the feel of his buttons and track pad. I loved running my finger over that and I used my tongue to touch his buttons.

“I liked generating random numbers and multiplying them.

“It was very much an intellectual relationship as well. He’s a calculator – how could it not be?”

Source: Mercury Press

Now, however, she only has eyes for Tetris and it’s not too long until the couple finally tie the knot.

“I want to say I’m married to Tetris and have a legitimate ceremony with friends. I want everybody to be there.

“I feel like that would be an official thing which would set it in stone and say ‘I love you and want to prove it to you’ by making it permanent and calling myself Mrs Tetris.”

Source: Mercury Press

While Fractal’s relationships may be difficult for her family to understand, but she stands by her sexuality and says that she isn’t hurting anyone by doing so.

“I am not doing anyone or anything any harm. What is the issue? They think it’s weird but I ask them to give me one good reason why I shouldn’t date Tetris and they can’t.”

Each to their own.