Woman Speaks Up About The Pain Behind Being An Online Meme

Woman Speaks Up About The Pain Behind Being An Online Meme

Woman Speaks Up About The Pain Behind Being An Online Meme

Recently a new meme has started to surface all over Facebook. The ‘Tag a Mate’ meme often shows a picture of a person who looks different from the traditional beauty standards that are still in place today. Often they include pictures of larger women, people who are dressed like stereotypes, or even people with rare body conditions that mean their appearance is altered.

While it may be funny to sum, it’s actually not as funny as you’d think. While it may be a great way to have a laugh with your friends by tagging them in that meme, it’s actually nothing more than a cheap and pitiful laugh. While you see a meme, there’s actually a real person in that photo. I know, hard to believe!


Lizzie Valasquez was featured in one of these ‘Tag a Mate’ meme. Unfortunately, what many people don’t know is that Lizzie actually suffers from a rare condition that means she doesn’t have a ‘normal’ rate of fat around her body.

Lizzie is 27-years-old. She’s an author and a motivational speaker. She was also born with a rare condition called Marfan Syndrome. Marfan Syndrome is a rare congenital disease that prevents her body from gaining fat.

The 27-year-old found the picture of herself online and decided to use her platform to speak out about the pain behind being a popular Facebook meme.

She shared the meme with all of her 130,000 followers on Facebook, and attached a long rant about it. Who can blame her?

It received thousand of comments on it, one of which was her mother. ‘As a mother, this hurts beyond words. I stand by you to say spread LOVE please. Love you Lizzie!’


So, if you see this meme on Facebook, remind them that they’re taking fun out of a human being, then maybe they’ll think twice before posting something like that again.