Woman With Synesthesia Tells People What Their Names 'Taste Like' And The Answers Are Brilliant

Woman With Synesthesia Tells People What Their Names ‘Taste Like’ And The Answers Are Brilliant

Woman With Synesthesia Tells People What Their Names ‘Taste Like’ And The Answers Are Brilliant

It’s pretty amazing how the brain works, and how small changes in our biochemistry can make such a huge difference to how we perceive the world around us. Synesthesia is a bizarre condition where one of your senses (e.g. sight) is perceived as if by another sense or senses (e.g. taste and sound).

People with the condition may feel as though they can hear the color purple, or smell the number 8. As skeptical as people are about the condition, it’s a real and surprisingly common thing. The first account of the condition dates back to 1690, when philosopher John Locke wrote about a blind man who “saw” the color scarlet whenever he heard the honk of a trumpet.

Synesthesia hasn’t gone away, and there are thousands of people out there today who experience it every day.

One such woman, an author named Julie McDowall, recently took to Twitter and offered to tell people what their names taste like.

“I put ‘taste’ in inverted commas,” she explained on Twitter. “90 percent is taste. Some sensations or images get through.”

Sure enough, thousands of people replied to the tweet, curious over what their name would ‘taste’ like to Julie.

A lot of her answers were quite sweet and poetic, but Julie didn’t sugarcoat her answers – if your name tastes awful, she will let you know all about it. In fact, she ended up telling one person their name tastes like “a child’s roundabout moving slowly in the breeze. No kids on it.” Sorry to any Rowenas out there.

Jesus tastes like Maltesers by the way.

So without further ado, here’s a selection of some of the best and most interesting sensations that Julie reported. Be warned: your name might be in there, and you might not like what she came out with!

I’m not sure how Julie’s brain came up with this next one:

Look away now, Duncans…

Hannah couldn’t have been too pleased with hers, either…

But at least Paul got a nice one:

Here’s where it gets really surreal…

A pretty fascinating insight into the mind of someone with synesthesia, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Julie has made quite a splash in the British media since the Twitter thread went viral, and even appeared on the national radio station Radio 1:

Julie’s original tweet got over 17,000 responses, so as you can imagine, she didn’t get through all of the requests. Still, why not go through the whole thread and see if your name is in there!

It can’t be any worse than Duncan’s was!