Woman's Amazing Response To Man Who Said "Stay Away From Women With 'Unnatural' Dyed Hair"

Woman’s Amazing Response To Man Who Said “Stay Away From Women With ‘Unnatural’ Dyed Hair”

Woman’s Amazing Response To Man Who Said “Stay Away From Women With ‘Unnatural’ Dyed Hair”

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Hello everybody! I’m here today to bring you yet another story of a man enraging women on the internet, and oh, it is so very very good. If you’re ready to be enraged, then keep scrolling!

This is Alexander J.A Cortes, who describes himself as a “trainer,” “writer,” and “speaker,”, however, it turns out that he isn’t afraid to hand out some pretty nasty labels to the women of the world, especially when concerning a very select group of women.

Below is Cortes’ initial thread of incriminating Tweets. Get ready folks, it’s gonna be a wild ride.


Yeah… I know. Pretty bold statement. But don’t worry, he carries on and begins to explain his “scientific” reasoning behind this infuriating Tweet.  Joy!


A sign of mental illness!? Well, who would have thought it? Thank god this man is here to show us the error of our ways and inform us that we are all completely deranged.

But wait! There’s more! He goes to say explain himself even further;

SUCH a valid point. But, wait, wasn’t Harley Quinn just a “normal” woman, actually, a Doctor, before she met the Joker? In fact, it was the Joker who turned her into Harley Quinn in the first place? So, a woman became deranged and dyed her hair because a man manipulated her and turned her crazy… now THAT’S some science I can get behind.

Nope, still not dug himself enough of a pit yet, obviously.

Darn it, and Manhater blue was my favorite color, too. Well, I guess it’s never too late to try Ihaveamentaldisease pink!

Hang on he’s still not finished. I know, this guy obviously feels very strongly about this “issue”.

Bro… who hurt you?

Hopefully, this man is next in line for a Nobel Prize… or whatever prize they give out to the biggest idiots on the internet.

Definitely getting a “Yeah, of course, I’m still a virgin” vibe from this guy.

Even more horrifically, however, there were actually some people out there who agreed with this half-wit.

Okay, so I don’t really count the last one. I mean, clearly, he is still living in some sort of weird time-lapse between the medieval ages when woman obviously only did things in order to seem sexually attractive to men.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe women just really like dying their hair “Manhater” blue, and do it for themselves and not because they’re hoping that some chauvinistic pig will eventually impregnate them because of it? No. I bet you didn’t.

Anyway, everything so far is looking pretty abysmal. That is, until the hero we all deserve showed up and put this neanderthal in his please, with her actual proper scientific (and 100% murderous) response;

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You tell him, sister!

Thankfully, not long after, many people began to follow suit with Twitter user JulieG’s response, and I think it’s safe to say that if anybody is wondering about Alexander J.A Cortes’ current whereabouts, you’ll more than likely find him in the BURN unit of his local hospital.

Cortes’, you have been well and truly roasted. Here’s hoping he thinks twice (or, at least, thinks at all) the next time he takes to Twitter to spout even more ridiculous “facts”.

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