Women Actually Do Find Rich Men More Attractive, According To Study

Women Actually Do Find Rich Men More Attractive, According To Study

Women Actually Do Find Rich Men More Attractive, According To Study

We’ve long since learned that believing in stereotypes doesn’t get us very far. And when it comes to the differences between men and women, a lot of those usually go out of the window when we take into consideration just how varied the human experience is.

Yet sometimes, stereotypes carry a surprising amount of truth – especially in this case, as a new study has shown that women are more likely to be attracted to guys who the perceive as rich.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t work both ways either. According to the results of the study, women are four times as ‘salary sensitive’ when they look for a male partner as opposed to men when they’re seeking a female partner.

The Evolution and Human Behaviour published study placed photographs of men and women next to each of their annual salary information to see if it would influence attractiveness ratings. They put people to the test in Europe, America, and China.


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One of the co-authors of the study, John Speakman, commented on the results:

“A man can move himself two points higher on the attractiveness scale we used if his salary increases by a factor of ten. 

“For a female to achieve the same two-point effect her salary would need to increase by 10,000 times.”

The idea behind the theory has been that women would be increasingly sensitive towards the size of a man’s wallet due to the fact that this money would could be invested in their children. Men, on the other hand, stereotypically pay more attention to looks as they are in search of a fertile partner.

Mr Speakman continued with his point by advising men to flaunt their cash in generous ways if they wanted to attract women with this method:

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‘”This potentially explains a previous study that showed men give more money to charity when women are watching them than when other males are watching,” he theorised.

While there have been quite a few studies that have lead people to consider whether a man’s salary really does matter to women, this was the first study to really compare men and women specifically.

It’s still possible to win hearts without the cash, but how far does this prove our old thoughts about what women are looking for in a potential partner?

Ladies, are you more attracted to men with heaving wallets, or is this study a lot of nonsense to you? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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