Women Asks Strangers For Free Drinks On Wetherspoons App And Things Get Out Of Hand

Women Asks Strangers For Free Drinks On Wetherspoons App And Things Get Out Of Hand

Women Asks Strangers For Free Drinks On Wetherspoons App And Things Get Out Of Hand

This is Perri Nicole, just your average young woman who attempts to get free drinks from leering men on the internet. Perri managed to get strangers to forward drinks to her table at the Maidenhead establishment, using the restaurant chains mobile phone app.

She had to wait a little, as there seemed to be little response. to her original request.

And then .. they started rolling in. First gin and tonics seemed to be on the agenda, before a pitcher or two were thrown in there. Soon enough the table as filled with glass containing floating cucumbers (Cucumber in an alcoholic beverage doesn’t set right for me), discarded bottles of tonic, and even a glass of milk.

The Wetherspoons app allows anyone with an iPhone or Android to order food and drinks to their table, without leaving their seat.

Or so that’s a brief definition of it’s proper use. I doubt the execs at Wetherspoons could have anticipated their seemingly brilliant idea to excel customer experience, being abused in such a manner.

Perri however, like a true entrepreneur, spotted there was potential to profit from this system. She got to work advertising on social media her location, and requesting members of the public forward her some drinks, using the app.

As the drinks began to accumulate so much, that tourists began taking photos of Perri.

The amount of alcoholic beverages that began to flood the table was pretty impressive.

The milk then sparked the inevitable, the Great British public using the concept as a way to have a laugh.

Things developed, shall we say, and soon Perri was greeted with the delivery of three portions of peas.

The same happened with birthday boy Nick Matthewman at the end of 2017. Nick was heading out for birthday drinks with the gang, when his friends too requested some birthday drinks be sent to their table to help them celebrate the special occasion, via the medium of Twitter.

The tweet attracted thousands of shares and likes, as the interaction began to soar. Much like Perri, the plan didn’t exactly go to plan however.

Along with copious amounts of drink, there were non-alcoholic beverages, children’s soft drinks, and again plates of peas sent to the table.

What is the obsession with the peas.

Despite the bizare, unusual turn of events, the birthday boy seemingly enjoyed his afternoon.

“I’d just like to thank the people who ordered me stuff in Spoons today, what a bizarre (but good) birthday it has been!”

I feel as though, although as funny as they were, that people could have stepped up their game a little bit from garden peas and glasses of milk. If I ever come across someone begging for freebies on social media, they will be greeted with the following.

British Broccoli & Shropshire blue cheese soup. 

Nothing can show your dislike of someone more than a broccoli and cheese soup. Imgine the scene, you’re having a few drinks, having a laugh, and a waiter comes and plonks the strongly scented appetiser in front of you. Bit of a mood killer.

Side Salad With Dressing

Simple, yet so effective. The salad would provoke psychological damage, as it will have nothing to go on the side off. The inclusion of dressing will rule out any nibbling with vacant hands, so it will have to be a knife and fork job. Which to be fair will ludicrous to view, tucking into a salad whilst having a few pints. You are still promoting a healthy lifestyle however.

Children’s Jacket Potato With Tuna

A smaller portion, with the inclusion of tuna. A huge dose of tuna will do wonders to ruin evenings, the child’s portion will unintentionally attract unwanted attention to the victims table.