Pregnant Women Reveal Their Weirdest Cravings

Pregnant Women Reveal Their Weirdest Cravings

Pregnant Women Reveal Their Weirdest Cravings

Women have finally opened up about their weirdest pregnancy cravings. Some are quite frankly bizarre however, from Cheetos dipped in yogurt, cream cheese smothered everything, and a combination of pizza and chocolate cake.

Others included mangoes in all forms, and the classic English muffin.

There were more experimental ones, including strawberry yogurt, accompanied with beef jerky, and even hot sauce with peanut butter!?

One woman with child revealed online that she suddenly had taken a liking to oranges.

‘I used to crave fresh fruits, juice and salad. Particularly oranges from the fridge! I would cut up like four oranges and pour a big glass of orange juice and that would be me at my happiest.’

She wasn’t the only one with fruity tendencies however, as one woman displayed her affection for the humble mango, which got so severe she was consuming two-four a day.

One woman experienced fruity cravings, too, but with mangoes, to the point of eating two to four a day.

‘I was addicted,’ Terri, 29, commented. ‘When we didn’t have any mangoes at home late at night, I remember going to my nearest Wawa hoping to score mango. I definitely preferred fresh mango, but when it was out of season and hard to find, I settled for mango-flavored drinks, canned mango, mango desserts, etc.’

Other pregnant addictions revolved around cheese, unsurprisingly. In particular Cream Cheese.

‘At a certain point, I’d just cut a small bit off of the block and eat it like that,’ she wrote. ‘Mashed potatoes with cream cheese were my jam. Then I got creative and tried it on really weird stuff like the rice guy. Pizza 10/10. Pizza with cream cheese 11/10. Highly recommend. Chocolate cake? Why not. Every food I ate became the vehicle for cream cheese.’

Another bizarre attraction came in the form of KFC’s notoriously addictive gravy. With one mother-to-be reportedly downing the liquid straight from the cup.

Back to normality now as apple juice was on the mind of another pregnant lady.

“I remember a time toward the end of my pregnancy, when I was on bed rest, and had a meltdown because we ran out,’ she wrote. ‘I couldn’t go to the store to get any, and my husband couldn’t take a break at work and bring me some. Worst day ever.’

There was more of a sweet tooth with others however. Ashley, 35, revealed she opted for tart lemonade and a spicy five-chilli chicken from an Asian establishment by her home.

“It seemed I always wanted something extremely sour, or extremely spicy,’ she added. ‘I didn’t even care about the heartburn.’

Another mum-to-be 29 year old Lauren, said her craving was “undiluted lime juice, straight from the can”.

“‘My husband would bring home a few frozen concentrate cans each week and I would blend it up in a blender—without even diluting it and drink it just like juice or eat it with a spoon straight out of the freezer,’ she added.

Some found that pregnancy drove them to try stranger food combinations that they never would have imagined sampling under normal circumstances.

‘I came home from work and my husband caught me putting hot sauce on a spoonful of peanut butter,’ Chelsea, 29, said. ‘It ended up tasting terrible, but all day long I thought about it and had to try it. A few days later I found out I was pregnant!

‘All throughout the pregnancy I wanted vinegar—salt and vinegar chips were my go to. I even tried to (unsuccessfully) make salt and vinegar ice cream one afternoon.’

31 year old Amber, revealed her secret pregnant pleasure as “Hot Cheetos dipped in yogurt”, however her addiction actually made her allergic to some of the ingredients, meaning she could no longer indulge in the treat.