X Factor Winner Matt Terry Is Moving In With 'Little Brother' Freddy Parker

X Factor Winner Matt Terry Is Moving In With ‘Little Brother’ Freddy Parker

X Factor Winner Matt Terry Is Moving In With ‘Little Brother’ Freddy Parker

After a week of denying that the pair were together, Matt and Terry are officially moving in together!

The pair is hoping to set up a base in London so they can continue to develop their musical careers.

But is this the next step in their relationship, or is it just two friends deciding they want to live together?


According to a source close to the X Factor pair recently said ‘the boys get on so well and were both planning on moving into London anyway so decided to move in together.’


Matt took to social media and shared the exciting news that he was house hunting with his ‘best mate’, Freddie.

‘Matt’s not shy about telling people. He’s moving in with his best mate so he doesn’t see it as a big deal.’


Freddie is also very excited about moving in with Matt. He posted on Twitter and took a video on Snapchat about the exciting new experience.


As you can tell, the pair isn’t very excited at all…. Only kidding!

But what many X Factor fans are wondering is if this is the next big step in the pair’s relationship. On the X Factor final last week, the pair were caught giving each other a cheeky kiss when Matt found out he had won the show. Surely there’s something going on between them, right?


The pair has denied that there is any romantic attachment between them and denied that the pair kissed live on the show. Matt  joked that he would have been lucky if ‘he did kiss him.’

So it seems like it’s just a very strong case of bromance.

‘It’s a complete load of rubbish. He’s like my little brother.’ Matt said in an interview early this week.

What do you think about the pair’s relationship? Is there something between them or is it just a classic case of bromance?