10 Celebrities You Thought Would Be SUPER Famous But Instead Ended Up Disappearing Off The Face Of The Earth

10 Celebrities You Thought Would Be SUPER Famous But Instead Ended Up Disappearing Off The Face Of The Earth

10 Celebrities You Thought Would Be SUPER Famous But Instead Ended Up Disappearing Off The Face Of The Earth

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    NEWSFLASH: There are a lot of people on this planet. Like,  a lot of them. And out of all those people, a lot of them are famous… or have been famous at some point during their time on the planet. Of course, our attention spans being as short as they are these days (I mean, I bet half of you won’t even read this article, you’ll just look at the pictures), we only really remember those who have either won 12 Oscars or played the lead in this year’s Blockbuster hit.

    Look – thousands, no, millions of people dream of becoming famous. I mean, you get loads of money, you’re always center of attention and everybody knows who you are, which are the 3 main things every narcissist dreams of. However, those who actually become famous pretty darn quickly soon realize that, the hard part isn’t becoming famous, oh no. The hard part is staying popular once you actually become famous.

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    Yeah, I know… who’d have thought it!? Basically, even if you do happen to become really really successful, it still doesn’t mean that your career will go on to prosper in the future… and unfortunately, the examples of some stars I have for you below only prove this to be true.

    So keep on scrolling and prepare to be incredibly surprised by remembering the celebrities you cannot believe you forgot about!

    1. Neve Campbell


    In case you don’t remember lovely Neve here, she became famous after she played the main role of Sidney Prescott in Scream – which is a truly iconic horror movie from the ’90s. This was literally the biggest role for the young actress for several years to come, too: Neve portrayed the main character in all three parts of the gruesome franchise.


    However, after the end of the shooting process during the last Scream installment way back in 2000, her career was in a bonified slump. She never got any big roles in any popular movies. In fact, Neve appeared on the big screen only once back in 2011… so that she could play Sidney Prescott yet again… all because the franchise’s creators decided to release another part of Scream. Maybe she was just pigeonholed much too quickly.

    2. Vanilla Ice


    Okay, now I KNOW ya’ll still remember this guy. Vanilla Ice became the first ever rap singer whose single was at the top of the music chart. His absolutely CLASSIC song, Ice Ice Baby became iconic almost immediately and the sales of his album were extremely impressive. Alas – despite his incredible popularity, his ‘stage image’ quickly became boring for the artist himself.


    As a result, he soon terminated the contract with his label and became an independent singer. Today, Vanilla Ice still sings, believe it or not, and he also stars in movies as an actor and as a music producer, which is pretty bada*s. Of course, he isn’t as famous as he once was, but the ability to decide what he wants to look like and what songs he wants to sing makes him pretty darn happy.