10 Times Animals Were So Smart They Completely Shocked Their Owners

10 Times Animals Were So Smart They Completely Shocked Their Owners

10 Times Animals Were So Smart They Completely Shocked Their Owners

Our pets mean in the world to us, and in 2018, the time of the ‘instagram’ famous pooch or kitty…pet ownership has sky rocketed. The number of people owning pets in both the U.K and the U.S alone has more than doubled in the past few years.

& It’s not surprising, owning a pet has been proven to provide so many health benefits, both mental and physical. Our furry companions has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve mood and even go as far as helping to prevent heart attacks!


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Yep, our furry friends do so much for us and ask little in return.
So it’s even more suprising when animals go that extra mile and do things that really astound us and tip the bar of awesomeness!
Our animals are really intelligent and we tend to take that for granted…

Well, not anymore…

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Below is a list of the 20 most unbelivably smart (and funny!) animal stories we’ve found on the interweb…

1. Hero Heimlich Kitty!

“This is not worryingly smart…more like, I’m here today because of my cat. I had just arrived home from school as an eleven-year-old. Nobody else was home. The cat always trotted towards the kitchen since I always fed her as soon as I got home. That day I had just bought a giant gobstopper (it was the 80’s) and somehow inhaled the thing about three steps inside the house. The cat halfway trotted to the kitchen, heard me make the weird sound of a giant ball of candy lodging in my throat and stopped to turn around and look at me…looked me straight in the eye very focused like. I knew I was f*cked…couldn’t breathe in, couldn’t cough and hadn’t learned the self Heimlich maneuver yet (throwing yourself on a chair back). I sort of sat heavily on a nearby couch starting to panic. Well, the cat, with the very focused stare still in effect, charged at me…full cat sprint… and jumped hard on my stomach and out popped the gobstopper. I started sort of crying from the release of stress. The cat started purring and curled up in my lap. She saved her boy.”

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Wow! Well done, Kitty…that Gobstopper had nothing on you!


2. Better watch this one!

“My cat liked to sleep under a lamp I had on my floor because of the warmth. But the light was bright, so he knocked down an empty trash can and put his head under it. But the trash can was hard-sided, so he dragged a sock over from the dirty clothes pile and used it as a pillow.”


Next stop, World Domination!

3. This sounds like something straight out of a film…Bee Movie, anyone?

“Bees are…not so smart when it comes to not drowning. You keep their water bowl shallow and with rough edges and lots of rocks in it for standing on, but some still fall in.

So one day I see a drowning lady in the water dish and I’m about to scoop her out when I see two others save her instead.

The two bees were on one of the rocks and they faced one another and held each other’s legs, then and as a unit, backed down the rock until the farthest bee’s back legs were in reach of the drowning bee. She grabbed on, then as a unit they scooted back up the rock until she was outta the water, then they helped her dry off.

Bees are amazing and fascinating and I’ve seen some cool shit in a hive, but that right there was next level awesome.”


Witnessing this very heroic bee behaviour must have bee-n pretty amazing! (See what I did there!?)

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4. Dr. Kitty will see you now!

“My cat used to walk to the local vet by himself whenever he had a tick or wound. He’d go before I ever even knew there was a problem. There was a lot of confusion surrounding his patches of shaved hair and seemingly treated wounds before we found out what was going on. I have many, many stories about that cat.

& I can’t even make my own doctor’s appointments! Well done for nailing the self care, Cat face!

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5. Don’t fight them, you won’t win!


“I had a cat that learned how to open the fridge, and then my dog started begging my cat for food. And then the cat started getting into the fridge just to feed the dog.

I patiently await the day where my pets decide to overthrow me and have me fixed. I’m not fighting it, that’ll only make it worse in the long run.

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6. A cunning strategy!

“There was a flock of little birds outside of a French bakery in California. They would pick at bits of scones and croissants people threw away in the trash cans nearby, and many of them would approach people for scraps. We noticed one particular bird hopping around on one leg begging for scraps, and we gave it a little bit of our bread. As soon as it had the bit of food in its beak, I swear to god it looked right at me and dropped its other leg to the ground.”

How’s that for manipulation!?

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7. Nearly Human

“My cat can operate the recliner, turn on/off the faucet, open doors, turn off lights, and defeat her food dispenser (she found the button that dispenses regardless of the timer).

At this point, it’s like having a fat, furry roommate.”

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8. Crow Wonder!

“There was crow who would drop walnuts on the road waiting for cars to run them over. It would then wait at the crosswalk with people for the light to change. When it would it would walk over and eat the broken walnut.”

Crows are well known for their smarts, but this is a whole new level!

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9. Shoo!

“My parent’s old dog would bring people’s shoes to them, and she always matched the right shoes to the right people. It was especially awesome when we would have company that overstayed their welcome (my folks are farmers who like to go to bed early) when she would walk up and drop their shoes in their lap.”

Good Doggo! One way of getting unwelcome guests to ‘shoo’ (I’ll stop with the bad puns now…!)

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10. Touche!

Not current pet but a dog I had as a teenager.

Dog jumps up on the couch

“No, you’re not allowed on the couch, go lie in your bed”

Dog leaves the room. A moment later he returns with his bed and throws it on the couch. Gets back up on the couch in his bed and stares at me.

“… Fair enough…”

Can’t argue with that….

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