10 Magical Photos Of Dogs Who Have Found Their Forever Homes

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They love you all the time, (mostly) do as their told (and even when they don't, it's still cute!) and won't grow up and resent and blame you for all of life's problems.

It's win-win!

& Whilst we're talking about unconditional love, who can dispute the never-ending love of a Dog? Even more so than that...a RESCUE dog? No one can, so don't even try!

These 10 utterly adorable photos show the immense and magical love that exists between rescues and the humans that have been kind (and lucky) enough to adopt them.

You may want to grab those tissues! *sniff*

1. "This is Stitch! We adopted him from Paws In The City in Dallas, and he has quickly become the best part of our little family." -- Hallie Noble, Stitch's mom (Follow Stitch on Instagram)

This is absolutely beautiful, it looks like a scene from a movie! Well, he is called Stitch! Let's hope he brings as much love and cheer as his Disney counterpart did (but perhaps, not as much chaos!)

2. Here's Dusty on his adoption day! This photo was taken the actual MOMENT I met him. Can you believe that!? When he was rescued by True North Rescue Mission, he was on his way to be a puppy mill dad and live his entire life in a cage." -- Jessie Ruane, Dusty's mom (Follow him on Instagram)

Oh my god, I think I may need a new heart, this one seems to be broken into a million pieces now! Judging by the look on Dusty's face, this meeting was totally fated! He knew she was his forever Mom right there at that moment! Thank god she saved him from a life of misery! How do Puppy Farms still even exist today!? It's nothing but barbaric and needs to be stopped entirely. I hate humans, sometimes...

3. "Meet our beautiful boy, Benjamin (he's the one to the right). He is a year old. He is a pitbull mixed with a labrador. We rescued him about seven months ago. He was badly abused as a baby and would wet himself for no reason. Now he's a happy, playful, loveable sweetie. He's enjoying his life with his two pupper siblings!" -- Rosanne Van Schalkwyk, Benjamin's mom

Oh Benjamin, look at you! Thank god for your new forever parents for making you all better and giving you a wonderful new home! & It looks like your 'pupper' sibling is already rolling his eyes at your antics! Oh well, that's what siblings are for!

4. "Here's our dog, Penny. This is the moment in the elevator at Bideawee's adoption centre in New York when we knew we had found the perfect little girl." -- John Sechrist, Penny's dad (Follow Penny on Instagram)

Well, you know what 'they' always say about matters of the heart, 'when you know, you know!' & Penny's new Dad looks totally smitten!

5. "Henrietta (Henry) came into my life in January of this year, after she was found wandering on the streets in East Oakland. At first, she was very nervous -- she hid in the bathroom for the first week! She's still shy around strangers, but now she loves cuddles, chasing squirrels, getting blow dried after baths, and her toy fox." -- Laura Alexandra, Henry's mom (Follow Henry on Instagram)

Oh, my word. Henry, you are a treasure! Thank the lord for your new Mom, who is obviously doing everything right by you! Keep getting more confident and happier by the day, Henry, we believe in you (and your toy fox!)

6. "Roxy is full of energy and love and brings us so many laughs. We've also met most of our friends through her! She keeps us social."- Sarah Brown Carter, Roxy's mom (Follow Roxy on Instagram)

So, Roxy isn't just a gorgeous face and a wonderful companion, but she also helps her parents to make some new friends, too! Wow, where can I get myself a Roxy!?

7. "This is Rex. His previous owners told the rescue group they did not have the means to take care of him. He had trauma to his neck we think was from a shock collar and more around his belly where we think he had been pulling out his fur. The group warned us he was afraid of strangers and very shy, and that we should expect several weeks before he warmed to us. But by the time we had filled out the paperwork, he was happy to leave with us. I don't know what it is. He really is standoffish to strangers, but he attached himself to my wife, son and I immediately. It's been almost two months now. He is all healed up, and still likes to chill upside down." -- Dan, Rex's dad

I think that this is even more proof that Dog's are the best judge of character! Rex obviously knew that they were good people right from the off...and that they would be his awesome new family! All you need is love.

8. "Meet Fluke, a former rescue that was adopted by our family in November 2017!" -- Josh Patrick, Fluke's dad

This is such an adorable photo! He's not just a fluke, he's a little miracle!

9. We have had Zelda for just under one month. We went to a rescue event by Ruff House Rescue in New York, where we live, with the intention of just beginning to look at some dogs for adoption, thinking it would be a long process overall. Zelda wasn't as loud or playful when we first saw her in her crate, but as soon as we asked to take her for a walk, she opened up immediately, wagging her tail and licking our faces. The 'before' picture is what we have from when she was brought to the shelter. The 'after' photo was taken on the car ride back to her new home from the rescue adoption event." -- Alina Cote, Zelda's mom

Oh, my eyes are leaking some kind of clear liquid and I also seem to be snorting everywhere...urgh. Zelda, you just killed me, girl! The difference between these two pictures is both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time! Have an amazing new life, Zelda! You deserve it!

10. "Adopting Dax is one of the best decisions I have ever made. He has been there through all of the ups and downs of my life. He is the best adventure partner and cuddle buddy. I keep him safe and he keeps me wild." --  Kelsi Keys, Dax's mom 

Well, don't these two just look and sound like the most amazing pair!?

It looks like they're going to make an unstoppable duo!

& It looks like Dax is more than happy with that!

Has a rescue dog (or any rescue animal) changed your life!? Let us know in the comments because we love to hear these things!



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